by Karla ° Saturday, September 22, 2007
Mark has been extremely busy with work over the past couple of weeks preparing for a very important software release.

Due to the nature of the software, updates must be scheduled over the weekend to ensure there is no downtime during business hours, but he can’t work this weekend because a) our nephew is celebrating his first birthday in our hometown of Penetanguishene and b) it’s my birthday weekend.

We were both raised in Penetanguishene and I never realized how small the town was until I started this website and realized that it gets more traffic than the population of the whole entire town.

That, and the time when one of my city friends asked if Penetang had any paved roads or street lights.

So because he needed a very clever excuse as to why he would not be available to work or answer his phone this weekend, Mark told his colleagues that his cell phone will not get reception in Penetanguishene because Bessy, the cow that turns the turbine for electricity there, died last week and no one had time to install the new windmill yet.

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Posted by Anonymous Chrissy :  September 22, 2007

As a fellow Penetanguishener, I am damn proud of Mark for telling the truth. Bessie is truly missed.
Posted by Blogger H :  September 22, 2007

Another brilliant coming at you for the Adirondacks judge. And "h", you get a "dazzling" for your comment!
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  September 23, 2007

You can tell the town is small b/c of the LONG name! They had to do something to make it seem bigger!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  September 23, 2007

Love his excuse it made me laugh but How do you the name of the town?
Posted by Anonymous Karen :  September 25, 2007

hey Karen,

I know, crazy name eh?

I have never been good at Phonics, and apparently, neither is wiki.

It says to pronounce it like:



If you follow this link though, there is an audio clip that say's the name of the town.

Posted by Blogger karla :  September 25, 2007


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