Dishwasher Ordeal
by Karla ° Monday, October 29, 2007
My shiny new dishwasher arrived several weeks ago, but since making it work requires playing with both electricity and water, a hazardous combination for those who are apparatus-challenged, neither Mark nor I were capable of installing it. Instead, we asked my Father-in-Law to help.

Mark’s father is a selfless Saint. At the drop of a hat, he will make the two hour drive to our house if we ask him to. It doesn’t matter what it’s for. If we need him for something, anything, he will be here.

The man is also brilliant. And not just brilliant when it comes to using a hammer and power tools, I mean really really brilliant. Like, he could build a satellite capable of blasting off into outer space to orbit Jupiter, just for the fun of it, while simultaneously teaching us about investing and prolonging the lifespan of a lawn mower.

Unfortunately, his worldly brilliance does not transcend the hurdle of installing a dishwasher with missing parts.

We bought our dishwasher from Sears and they were very accommodating about the faulty delivery and offered to send another new dishwasher along with someone to install it for us.

As wonderful as that sounds, that meant that I had to hand wash dishes until the second dishwasher arrived. Drastic times called for drastic measures and for the past week, Mark has been on strict orders to ration his dishes. No more having a glass of water and putting his cup down and two seconds later having another drink of water out of a new cup and then five minutes later using yet another cup for another swig of water. By my calculations, I can save washing about 18 cups a day if he reused his water glasses.

Feeling thirsty this morning, I noticed a glass on the counter in the spot where Mark usually leaves his water glass after he takes his vitamins. Figuring that because there was just water in the cup and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with extending our dish rationing to include a community cup, I grabbed his water glass, filled it with water and took a nice big swig only to discover that he hadn’t used that cup for water. He had used it for milk the night before. And there, at the bottom of the glass, and now in my stomach, were rotting milk curds.

This morning, a guy came to install the second dishwasher, and wouldn’t you know it, when he opened the box, the same parts were missing.

I am beginning to understand why this dishwasher was such a great price; no one has bothered to actually put it together.

At this point, I’m beginning to wonder if my dishwashing options would be better served from a dishwasher of the rock-hard abs and a toga wearing variety.

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i just threw up a little in my mouth...rotten milk oh man i don't know how you didn't barf right there

Oof. I once swallowed my sister's contact lenses using the same logic that led you to the milk curds. You definitely have the worse outcome. Although... I accidentally swallowed the contact lenses the night before the Homecoming dance. She ran around the house threatening to kill me. I think she was just being overdramatic. I THINK. ;)

Yup, I know about the dish rationing. We all like a clean cup every time we drink. I think I'd rather do without a refrigerator than a dishwasher. I know, I know, just saying that is tempting fate.
Posted by Anonymous cce :  October 29, 2007

Oh, that is tooo funny. Well, not really, but it makes for a great post. And the rotted milk curds. UGH. I think I threw up in my mouth also!!!

I sure hope you get it fixed soon. How frustrating. But hey, it could be worse, your computer could be down!

I would def go for the toga wearing variety of dishwasher - although would he comfortably fit under your sink..... and where would you put the washing powder??
Posted by Anonymous Anna :  October 30, 2007

Even though I have a dishwasher, I still hate messing around with the dishes. G definitely does the 15 cups a day, whereas I just drink water and use one cup for 2-3 days. Yes, I am gross like that. :-)

Good luck with the dishwasher!! Maybe one day you'll get all the parts...
Posted by Blogger Brandy :  October 30, 2007

Oh, ewwww.

And once you get your new dishwasher installed, send the toga man my way, will ya? I don't need my dishes washed, but some man candy would be nice to look at.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  October 30, 2007

That is not unheard of with Sears. We had the same thing happen 4 years ago after we bought our top of the line dishwasher from Sears. You'd think they would have actually made them with all the parts eh? I hope everything works out!
Posted by Blogger Kris :  November 01, 2007


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