First Halloween
by Karla ° Thursday, November 1, 2007
This was our fourth Halloween in this house. The first year that we lived here, I kind of figured that because we live in a subdivision, we would get hundreds and hundreds of kids Trick or Treating at our door. Naturally, hundreds and hundreds of chocolate bars marched into our home under the same assumption, too.

I think we got about 10 kids that year and because I was pregnant, which by default means that my will power was non-existent, I commanded the several hundred left over chocolate bars to march themselves back to the store. Except, who knew chocolate could be so defiant? They absolutely insisted that their final resting place be the comforting warmth of my belly. And besides, what kind of monster would I have been to deny chocolate its last dying wish, especially when it benefitted me and my cravings directly. It was a win-win situation.

The next two years played out the same, except I only bought one box of chocolate bars, which is a much more reasonable amount of chocolate to have lying around the house.

So this year, expecting the same sort of showmanship of Trick or Treaters at our door, I bought one box of chocolate bars. And all of a sudden those hundreds and hundreds of kids that I was expecting four years ago appeared out of nowhere and I was not equipped with enough candy to betreat them all. I’m not exactly sure where they all came from? Was it the daylights savings? The warm weather? A neighbourhood sex party that I wasn’t invited too?

~ : ~

Nate had fun trick or treating at the neighbours houses. We dressed him up in his pumpkin costume after dinner and showed him his candy bucket, which he immediately loaded with his shapes. He loves his shapes and he loves putting his shapes inside of things. Actually, he loves placing stuff inside of pretty much anything. I can’t tell you how many arrowroot cookies I have found jammed inside toy crevices, or how many have disappeared into Samson’s mouth.

Something tells me that when he finally gets a taste of chocolate, he won’t be as inclined to “share.”

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So adorable!!!

We trick or treated with Christi's family. Taryn approached a man on the street and tried to give him her candy. I thought that was pretty brave of her!
Posted by Blogger Julia :  November 01, 2007

What adorable pictures!! It sounds like you had a great first Halloween. I will be posting pics of Aiden later - although he was not enjoying the day as much and decided all of the attention was a perfect reason not to smile. :-) Oh well. Nate definitely seemed to be enjoying himself, as did mom and dad!
Posted by Blogger Brandy :  November 01, 2007


I think we had about 10 kids visit our house this year. They must have all been trick-or-treating in your neighborhood.
Posted by Blogger Christy :  November 01, 2007

What a bunch of great pictures. I love your carved pumpkin!
Posted by Blogger Gina :  November 02, 2007

What a cute little pumpkin you have!!

FANTASTIC costume there! Incredibly adorable!

Nate is such a cutie patootie~
Posted by Blogger Poppy :  November 04, 2007

Oh my! He is too adorable. And I wouldn't blame him if he chooses not to share chocolate. My daughter won't share it either, unless you fancy licking it off her fingers. And soon she'll discover she can do that herself.


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