A Choose Your Own Adventure in Bedroom Decor Story
by Karla ° Thursday, January 24, 2008
Long long ago, in a faraway place known as Karla’s head, she had this brilliant idea to decorate her bedroom with fabrics and a bazillion throw pillows that were absolutely, not even remotely, pet or kid friendly. And the upkeep was horrendous, because who has time to make their bed, let alone position throw cushions?

After welcoming a cute as a bug’s ear six pound glutton of snuggles puppy into her home, which later became a goliath-sized plunderer of pillows/cow, and then welcoming an ever cuter six pound maker of poop, which later became a maker of even more poop AND a drinker from leaky sippy cups, Karla has essentially given up on the idea of swanky, and decided it was time to give her bedroom a much needed functional makeover lest she go crazy from the never ending spillage of milk and wiping of boggers from dry clean only bedding.

What exactly WAS she thinking buying bedding that was not easily washable anyways? If you ever figure this out, please let her know.

After searching high and low for some cheap bedding that had not started to fray while still sitting on the store shelf, she finally found something in the shade of dirty dog masking chocolate brown. And sheets that are not black, because again, what WAS she thinking buying all black sheets? She lives in a zoo house for crying out loud, where her light coloured pets enjoy shedding every last piece of fur on their body onto her bed everyday. And then, miracle of miracles, while the house is still and everyone sleeps, her pets regrow all of their fur, at which point they immediately return to the bed and repeat the entire full-body fur shedding process.

So now, because Karla is obviously not good with making sound decorating decisions on her own, she is seeking your advice about possible curtain colours and shades of paint. She tried to seek council from her husband, but this was a totally useless endeavour because a) he is colour-blind and b) he cares very little about curtains. Like, as if!

Because Karla is good at spending money, she feels like it is her duty to choose a curtain colour that not only coordinates, but also camouflages potential random food particles from the tugging fingers of a small child, if for no other reason than the fact that Samson destroyed her old curtains, and she believes it is common courtesy not to flash her naked bits in front of distraught neighbours.

But now she is left wondering; would brown curtains be too matchy-matchy? And would beige walls be too beige?

The one thing she does know, is that the art must stay. She loves it, and so too, does her husband, because that is about as much womanly nakedness the man gets to see after Karla puts on her snow suit to go to bed because she is a freeze cat.

Your superb insight on coordinating curtain and paint colours with the new bedding so that Mark and Karla can live happily ever after in a bedroom full of animal fur and unreliable sippy cups would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

The End.


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So true on the dry clean only bed cover! I too had a vision of a bed cover that was satin and suede....beautiful in the store...and over priced but had to have it! Only a few months later, daughter got sick and vomited all over it! Too embarrassed to take to the cleaners, I tried to wash myself...which did not work out. Needless to say, I bought a MUCH cheaper one which is definitely more pocket friendly to replace once the kids and dog have their way with it!
On the curtains....I am picturing something brown with maybe a subtle beige print to tie everything together.
Posted by Anonymous Val :  January 24, 2008

I am seeing blue walls (almost any shade) and blue/brown print curtains. A print is your best bet of camoflaging stains.
Posted by Anonymous Heather :  January 24, 2008

you have a beautiful room..mine looks like some college dorm with mismatch furniture and white boring walls. Ok, witht he brown, I would try to find some blues to work with. Will be pretty and not too girly!!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  January 24, 2008

I'm with Heather. I was going to say blue, too. Kinda like this: http://www.marcusfabrics.com/cgi-bin/media/viewnews.cgi?id=EEyElAyEAEywiBhJwR&tmpl=release
Posted by Anonymous Carrie :  January 24, 2008

Blue- soft blue, with grey not purple tones.
Brown and blue belong together. We live in and old heritage home with awesome dark trim and details. We have the walls pale blue. It is simply awesome.
Seriously-blue and nothing else. I feel soooo strongly. Blue-Blue-Blue
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  January 24, 2008

I hate to disagree, but I'm not positive about the whole blue thing. Maybe I am just too boring. Your post did make me think fondly though of those "Choose your own adventure" books I used to read as a kid. I loved those! What colors are in your sheets? I would pull from that or you could get an area rug that has brown and some other complimentary colors in it and pull from that. If you go with the blue I agree with the person who said to go with more of a grey blue.

I think blue would be lovely!

And you could do a fun pattern even though your sheets are patterned because lots of different patters are "IN"

All the browns like it is now look good, but a little color would be fun too.

I like chocolate with teal too, that is my new favorite combo. You can do teal curtains and a few teal accents and it would be set.
Posted by Blogger Donna :  January 24, 2008

I wouldn't change your wall colour. For the drapes my initial thought was blue, but the blue/brown combo is on its way out and brown/green or brown/terracotta is the new thing coming in (atleast according to our buying dept) I would go for a terracotta/rust kind of a color, something earthy, maybe with a bit of a gold or bronze, defintely a pattern to disguise fingerprints.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  January 24, 2008

I'm thinking burgundy curtains and lamp shades, leave the wall as is.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  January 24, 2008

After spending close to 6 mos. looking for the PERFECT dog/child friendy bedding set- my mother kindly showed up at my doorstep toteing a lovely ensemble (it drives her crazy when I can't "just make a decision already")that I love, but worry about the dog hair. She quickly let me in on the fold down secret and all is splendid. See, I fold the "aesthetic purpose only" comforter down at the foot of the bed in the evening, using a lighter worry free/wash-able down blanket at bedtime.

I do have to agree with the previous post. Brown/Teal is on it's final leg and I am starting to see more the Brown/Greens. I personally love both!
Posted by Blogger Samantha :  January 25, 2008

You are hilarious, Karla. It's such a pleasure to get a new update from you!
I love the new bedspread! That looks excellent! Fortunately/Unfortunately, the dog/cow fits right in there with the colour scheme, doesn't he?
Good luck curtain hunting! I have never decorated anything other than a Christmas tree, so I can't offer any advice. Dorm rooms don't have much potential as far as make overs go.
Have a great day! :)
Alison (email from Tasmania Alison :) )
Posted by Anonymous Alison :  January 25, 2008

I found this advice online and it makes a lot of sense to me. It's a bit lengthly but here goes...

"Never, ever paint your bedroom blue. Blue is cool. You don't want to feel cool in your bedroom, do you? Not with your Honey late at night, with the lights off. Blue is about service, duty, work and 'blue collar' stuff. That's a great color to use in the kitchen because blue keeps reign on the appetites, which is not something you want to do in the bedroom!

Avoid using white in your bedroom; it's too neutral and sterile and you don't want those qualities in your love nest, imagine passion and sweetness instead. Avoid using yellow; it's very intellectual, which makes it great for an office, but lousy for the boudoir.

Only paint your bedroom lavender if you never want to have sex again. This is the color of chastity, which makes it great for your teenager's room, but not for yours. Please keep pieces of amethyst out of your bedroom because it has that similar chaste influence.

Now that we've thrown out America's favorite bedroom hues, what colors are good? All skin tones, tans, light browns and pink help the body feel nurtured. The colors of plants, especially shades of green add a Venus quality to your bedroom.

Avoid red, except as an accent. While red encourages passion, it disturbs the sleep."

Hope this helps!
Posted by Blogger Lovebuzz38 :  January 25, 2008

you can still be swanky..go with a deep red room or beige walls and then one deep red wall...yup still swanky

So there are some really cool paints you can buy- there are paints that have a finish that is washable so that when the inevitable every flavor child fingerprints get on the walls you can actually wash them off without removing the paint.

I highly recommend those. But if you have an area you want to set up for Nate as he goes through his draw on wall phase, you can set up an area with magnetic paint (it comes in black but you paint over it) or even chalkboard paint!

Also, I think blue would be lovely in your house and work with the brown. It would also be a very calming color, but the brown will give it richness.

Hope you find just the right shade!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  February 05, 2008


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