Kitty Root Canal
by Karla ° Friday, January 18, 2008
My cat, Simon, has terrible breath. It’s so terrible in fact, that when he opened his mouth to hiss at Samson the other night, Mark blamed me for farting.

After consulting with Dr. Google, I took him to vet to make sure the offensive smell wasn’t an underlying cause for something more serious. Upon examining Simon, the Vet noted a heart murmur and unusually small kidneys, which may or may not mean anything. More tests are needed before he can draw any conclusions.

He also noted that Simon has some pretty gnarly dental issues, which is most likely the cause of the foul odour. So while we still need to rule out heart and kidney disease, in the meantime, my cat needs a kitty root canal.

And I need someone to pick me up off the floor because I can’t believe how much this is going to cost.


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That's CRAZY!!

And a belated Happy Birthday to your Honey :)
Posted by Blogger Angella :  January 18, 2008

Yow! I feel for ya.

I had a kitty who was rescued off the street and he, too, had terrible tooth problems. He needed a good cleaning and at least one tooth removed, but I was in university and couldn't afford it, so we ignored it for a while.

My sister inherited him when I left Ontario (we were roomies and it would've been cruel to move the cat so far). One of her friends felt sorry for him and actually paid for his dental procedures - talk about angels.

I guess cat jaws are really delicate so they have to be careful not to break them when dental work is being done.

Good luck to Simon.
Posted by Anonymous Fawn :  January 18, 2008

Animals are EXPENSIVE! Every time I take one of my cats or dogs to the vet, I cringe at the bill.
Posted by Blogger Christy :  January 18, 2008

Gah! This is where I dramatically grab my cat, throw him in the carrier, and cart him off to the vet to get his teeth cleaned. Although his breed, Siamese, are highly susceptible to bad teeth, so I think I'm screwed either way.
Posted by Blogger Georgia :  January 18, 2008

Man, I would freak if that was a dental bill for ME.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  January 18, 2008

Hmmm, not sure I could pay that much for a kitty root canal...does Mark have pliers?? Totally kidding.

Expensive, just like kids!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  January 18, 2008

Wow! That costs more than my root canal! Well, after insurance. Not that it seemed like insurance covered anything. Bah.
Posted by Anonymous Carrie :  January 18, 2008

Animals can be so expensive! They actually have pet insurance that is really cheap and I've often thought I should do that because it makes a big difference if they need any major care. Snuggles was hit by a car once on a holiday and thank heavens he only broke his ankle, but they charged 50% more because it was a holiday... let's just say ouch!! They actually asked us if we wanted to go through with it though... as if we would let our dog be put down over a broken ankle! Like kids, you do what you've gotta do!

Are you telling me that Canadian coverage doesn't include animals? Well, that's just wrong...
Posted by Blogger Christi :  January 18, 2008

Kitty dental work is insanely expensive, and I was reluctant to put my cat through that kind of trauma, but we went ahead with it and in the end it was definitely the right decision. She was so much perkier and so much more energetic after the dentistry that it was pretty obvious she'd been in pain. You can buy enzyme-based "toothpaste" goo from the vet afterwards, helps keep the problem from recurring.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  January 18, 2008

OH. My. Gosh. Sadly, I love my two dogs so much, I would pay that. Although my roots are showing and I can't justify fixing them for another four weeks.

yeah. when our cat had dental work she had to have bloodwork first. the bloodwork was 200$. then the antibotics and saline while in the cleaning as she had to have a few teeth removed. and it was like 500$.
the vet recommended that if the dog or cat is having yearly blood work.....then a dental cleaning within 60 days of the bloodwork is a good way to have it be cheaper. that way you don't have to have the bloodwork repeated.

my dog hurt her leg it was nearly 300$. now she has a smelly and grotty vagina. so i am sure that will be like another 300$. and all in the same month. it sucks ass.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  January 19, 2008

No offense (no pun intended) but I've got you beat. My cat required $1200.00 (!!!) worth of dental surgery to bring her up to "acceptable" level of health for bringing her in to the US. Thank you tax return. Now this cat has a good ten years of being cute and fluffy and cuddly to pay that debt off. I might have to put her to work. Hehe.
Posted by Blogger Kris :  January 19, 2008

ha ha ha, i love the comment from the person who would pay to fix problems for her dogs, but can't justify getting her roots done...sounds totally like me!
Posted by Blogger joyce :  January 19, 2008

My cat, a stray who adopted us, has had terrible teeth for the 10 years we have had him.

Check into having the tooth pulled.

Our cat is now missing three of the four eye teeth and still will only eat dry cat food. A lot of dry cat food.

Just a thought.
Posted by Blogger Judy :  January 19, 2008

Dude, three months ago I spent 500 bucks for tests on my sick cat and they didn't find a single damn thing. He got better about two days later. Lucky for him I still love him!
Posted by Blogger H :  January 19, 2008

Wow! That's unbelievable. I just paid about that much to take care of my kids' teeth. Your kitty should feel very loved (and with good oral health!).
Posted by Blogger shauna :  January 20, 2008

Ouch! I feel your pain. My dog is going under the laser next week to have a growth removed from her ear canal. The estimate is $565 U.S.
Posted by Anonymous Olivia :  January 21, 2008

I had all my teeth pulled on Jan 8. for way less than that--and I live near NYC so you would think it would cost more.
I am so much healthier since the "procedure" which I used to call my "brush with death" but I was so much more dramatic weeks ago when in pain. now I am running wild again!


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