Bribery Photo Contest
by Karla ° Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Pssst. If y’all have a second to spare, I would be most grateful for your vote in a Bribery Photo Contest that I entered Nate in. Nate’s picture is called “The Swanky Blankie Holder”.

I’m so pining for third place, too, because it’s a gift card to the exact same store that I am slated to spend a several hundred dollars at for my next camera gear purchase.
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Consider it done!
Looking forward to seeing the pictures you will take with that new and expensive camera:)

And good luck to Nate. He should be in 1st place!

Amanda x
Posted by Anonymous Amanda McM :  April 01, 2008

U are winning! I voted for him. :-)

Yeah, doin' good Nate.
Posted by Blogger Erin :  April 03, 2008


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