The great escape, now on wheels
by Karla ° Tuesday, April 8, 2008
I can sense the heaviness weighing down on me as the anniversary of Ava’s death approaches. Damn it would it be nice if the Universe would just apologize for its heartless crimes of humanity, but the Universe does not acknowledge what has happened, and it does not relent. And so, I must digress and seek other means in which to cope, to remember.

Writing, of course, helps. It’s like an open tunnel in which thoughts are filtered and the drudge is siphoned off, moving it away from a saddened heart, but sometimes what works best for me is a deeply rooted need for quiet introspection and solitude.

I’m sure that’s why I relied so heavily on running during those early months after Ava died. Stillness was when the crumbling dampness crept its way into my thoughts, but running - oh running was like the dawning of a new self awareness, a place to think, a place where the steady rhythm of deep breathing and the pounding of a resilient heart helped me escape from how uncomfortable it felt to be living in the shadow of my daughter’s death.

After losing my second pregnancy, running was put on the backburner and it’s been a long and sporadically slow process finding my way back into it again after Nate was born.

Suddenly though, as I’ve been sensing this inner turmoil boiling inside of me, running is all that I can think about. And just like that, my running shoes and I are best buddies once again and I have not missed a day in weeks.

I feel good about reconnecting with a long lost passion - to have consistent 'me' time, and the only thing that would make it even better is if I had a jogging stroller.

So do tell, in your experience, does one really need a larger fixed wheel to push their kid down the streets of suburbia? Because those dual-purpose jogging strollers look pretty darn handy with their smaller swivel wheel that can unlock and plough through those tight-cornered sales racks at the mall.

What says the Internet?

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I don't jog with my 3 wheeler buggy, but i do have one with a front swivel wheel, that can be locked. Yes it's so easy to push around all the tight corners, i can even do it with one hand!

You, Mark and Nate are in my thoughts as Ava's anniversary approaches.

Take care of yourself,

Love Amanda x
Posted by Anonymous Amanda McMahon :  April 08, 2008

If one of the purposes to your running is the solitude then don't get a jogging stroller. Keep that time to'll enjoy it more.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  April 08, 2008

I've no experience with jogging strollers, but wanted to pop in to say I agree with the comment above about keeping this time to yourself. I, too, think you'll appreciate it more.

Those strollers sure are cool looking, though! One last thing: I've found the older Lucy gets, the less time we can keep her happy in a stroller (ie: only if she has food). She wants OUT and walking on her own. Keep that in mind before dropping a bundle.
Posted by Blogger Carly :  April 08, 2008

Noted about that 'me' time. I was also thinking the jogging stroller would be a good family activity, but maybe a squirrly toddler on the verge of learning to walk won't be such a good combination.
Posted by Blogger karla :  April 08, 2008

Jade is two and loves to walk, but she still LOVES stroller time. She got very upset with me yesterday when I took the umbrella stroller out and put it in the car, instead of putting her right in it!

We have a convertible jogging stroller / bike trailer from MEC that has been *fabulous* for us. Jade is thrilled whenever it comes out, and doesn't even mind putting on the bike helmet when it's in bike trailer mode. She often has a little snack in there, or a toy or a book, and really seems to enjoy watching the world go by.

I personally hate running, so I do more walking than jogging with it, but it's so much more manoeuvreable on gravelly bits and definitely gives her a smoother ride than other strollers. I'd feel much safer with it going higher speeds, just because of the longer "wheel base" makes it so much stabler.

Ours has a wrist strap to help prevent it from "running away" on downhills, but some fancier models also have a hand brake. If you're going to be going anywhere hilly, I would find that feature VERY useful and a good investment from a safety perspective.

It's crazy that we now have four different strollers (only one of which we actually bought ourselves) considering how into baby-wearing I was at one time! But toddler-wearing is something else again...
Posted by Anonymous Fawn :  April 08, 2008

I'm only just STARTING a health kick, and I'm 19, and don't have kids, nor have I ever pushed a stroller while running, so I am not at all qualified to comment.

However, I do know that you are awesome, and that I have Monday afternoon all planned out, balloons included.

You're the best. Hope Mark and Nate are well.

If you can afford it (and have storage space)get a proper jogging stroller for jogging and light weight umbrella type stroller for shopping, traveling and generally lugging around. The cross-over strollers don't seem to do either really well. And surely you will want to be at your best for both of those activities.

Take care.
Posted by Anonymous Ms.Carson :  April 08, 2008

I had a jogging stroller and it was nice. Even if you mainly jog by yourself it would be nice to have the option of going with Nate if you need to. You would be surprised how long you can use a stroller if you're a pushover like me. Alison was still occasionally riding in hers when she was 5, like on very long walks. I felt ridiculous and finally just got rid of it so she would stop trying.

I have no opinion on stroller options.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  April 08, 2008

We have a genuine Jogging Stroller, 2 actually, a single and a double. They are far superior. Truly. Get one. End of story. Run. Smile. Breathe.

Posted by Blogger Amanda :  April 08, 2008

Get a Chariot. Pricey but worth it. Get the jogging attachment and the bike attachment. Totally the best device i have purchased -hands down.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  April 09, 2008


From what I've heard, you have to get a BOB Ironman running stroller. My friend Ashley just got one for her birthday and LOVES it. They also come in the fabulous double stroller side by side style if you plan on another kiddo anytime soon. They are very pricey around $400 but supposedly well worth the price. Something to look into. Take care of yourself and know that many are keeping you in their thoughts.

I had the BOB and sold it for the Phil and Ted. I am so happy with the P&T. It is great (other than a little pricey) because you can purchase the single jogging stroller now (with swivel wheel that locks) and with another baby you can run with both. This stroller is so easy to collapse and so versatile with the swivel wheel it is great in malls or small stores (where I spent just as much on my cumbersome BOB). I am a distance runner and get my shoulders nice and tone pushing my stroller with 50 pounds worth of giggles.
Sorry to write a book about this topic.
Good Luck,
Posted by Blogger Katie :  April 09, 2008

pennynickeldime - Thank you so much releasing a balloon for Ava on Monday. That means the world back again to me.
Posted by Blogger karla :  April 09, 2008

I have a jogging stroller and I don't jog, I walk :) I had one with my first son whom is 8 and bought another one for my second son whom is 3 and still rides.
They are Fantastic!!!

Blessing to you and your family on Ava's Anniversary.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  April 09, 2008

My knees will not let me run anymore, but I have friends who do, and they swear by the jogging strollers.

Posted by Anonymous Angella :  April 09, 2008

I am runner who bought the BOB ironman fixed wheel with my first. Loved it. The fixed wheel did not bother me, but I usually ran on a trail and did not do a lot of turning. If can afford a BOB get the Revolution.

I now have two kids. I bought a less expensive double jogging stroller by Tike Tech. Good brand and less expensive.

IMO...the wheels make ALL the difference. Good wheels = better run.
Posted by Blogger Blogversary :  April 09, 2008

Karla, you are in my thoughts so much these days. Will be saying a special prayer for you, Mark and Nate on Monday. You are a real inspiration xoxoxo
Posted by Blogger Candice :  April 09, 2008

Well, I don't run, but I have a Phil and Ted and LOVE it!! My oldest is 5.5 and can still sit in the stroller if he is tired and I can add the doubles seat for my 2 year old---we just did this on Sunday while in D.C. While the 2 year old was more cramped than the last time we put him in the doubles seat, it still worked out.

The stroller does collapse pretty well for a jogger, too!! And-- if I'm going shopping and next extra space for bags, I can put the doubles seat on and it holds a ton :-)!
Posted by Blogger Candi :  April 10, 2008

My advice: a single Chariot with bike/running AND strolling attachments. It's gonna set you back but man, they are designed well and made in Canada too. It can go through shallow rivers, snow and up mountains. And it folds to fit in your van as well as my tiny Golf.
Posted by Blogger Mama T :  April 10, 2008

Good for you Karla! I have no kids but I have often yearned for a jogging stroller anyway, something about the weighted wheels in front of you forcing you to continue when your mind begins playing games with you coercing you to stop before you'd plan. I could put my pooch in there, couldn't I? Would you laugh?
Posted by Blogger Lindz :  April 10, 2008

Hi Karla,
After my Dad died I used to walk miles each day (running was out of the question due to a knee injury I got while in the Police), I understand totally what you mean by the solitude, I think those walks were all that kept me sane at times. When Daniel came along, I had no choice really but to take him along, and we had a 3 wheeler - it was fantastic, especially if we went to the woods or did a bit of 'off roading'. I would definitly recommend them.
We have our baloons ready for Monday and my thoughts are with you and Mark at this time.
Warmest wishes,
Tabitha X
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  April 11, 2008


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