Red Rocket
by Karla ° Friday, April 4, 2008
Mark works in the fast-paced, vibrantly cosmopolitan city of Toronto. A few years ago he snapped this photo, and it instantly became a favourite of mine because he managed to capture the Grim Reaper's headless hippie brother in the streetcar windshield making a peace sign.


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Ok this took me awhile to find but I see it now. Hahah I love the color of the street car. It just pops in this picture

Love the photo, love all your photos...wish my new camera would arrive, ordered it and now there is a delay...will be e mailing you for advice when it does come (hope you don't mind!!!).
Hope you are your lovely family are well.
Tabitha X
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  April 04, 2008

Cool picture:)
I love Toronto. We were visiting family in the summer last year and went there for a day .We stayed with the relatives and they live in Queensville, Ontario. I also was partial to a wee visit to The Upper Canada Mall, and Tim Hortons. Oh, how i miss Tim....

Amanda McMahon x
Posted by Anonymous Amanda McMahon :  April 04, 2008

Why can't they have a Tim Horton in Scotland...
I'm just daydreaming about those timbits!
Amanda McMahon x
Posted by Anonymous Amanda McMahon :  April 04, 2008

What a photo! That's awesome!

Thats crazy and very clever of u to even notice it
Posted by Blogger mamatucci :  April 05, 2008

I LOVE this photo!!
Posted by Anonymous Angella :  April 06, 2008

That is hilarious! Great picture.
Posted by Anonymous teresa :  April 07, 2008

The Grim Reaper's headless hippie brother looks like someone I want to buy a beer.

Awesome photo!!
That hippie brother - what a jokester!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  April 07, 2008

That is so awesome. I never would have noticed it!
Posted by Blogger Swistle :  April 08, 2008


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