by Karla ° Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Sarah is exactly the kind of woman you can only hope marries into the family. Warm, caring, chalked full of etched-in family values. She’s bright, eager and well respected in her ever-advancing career.

I just remember them always being so…happy, you know? Young. Vibrant. In love. Echoes of laughter and almost of a decade of commitment reverberating inside the warmth of summer’s evening walls. Embracing under the orange glow of a setting sun.

And now here two broken-hearted families stand, backed up against a wall of issues that are not ours to face, but standing directly in the middle of two lives that mean the world and back to us.

As I slid between the bed sheets last night, it was hard not to feel the weight of sadness for my brother and his wife; they cupping the shattered remains of a broken dream in their hands while I gently cupped a warm cheek of the man of my dreams in my palm, silently clinging to this mystery called love.


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