Voice of a 7000 year old smoker
by Karla ° Thursday, March 5, 2009
I have had this annoying house guest living inside my body for what feels like an eternity plus a day with no intention on leaving. The crazy bastard makes me sound like a 7000 year old smoker that has been repeatedly punched in the face.

So far, I have hacked up a lung and a spleen and bruised my uterus from all the effort it takes to cough and blow my nose so often.

Ahh yes, The Inventible Winter Illness part...um... I forget because I’ve just had so many this year. But this is the first annoying viral infection that has caused me to mindlessly perk a pot of water sans coffee and put the milk jug in the cupboard. This is also the same kind of infection that essentially requires plenty of sleep and rest to cure, which would be fine if my toddler would agree to sit still for two seconds and abide to stringent household laws like, say, everyone who still poops their pants must go to bed by 8:00 PM.

Since it was going to take a week to get an appointment with my family doctor, I finally went to a walk-in-clinic this morning and Lo! I was told to suck it up because I have a cold just like 90% of the rest of planet earth right now and prescribed a nice big heavy dose of cough medicine laced with codeine.

Awesome! That last time I had a drug like codeine was when I had a subdural headache and thought my head was going to explode when the first attempt to stick a needle in my back resulted in spinal fluid leaking into my brain. And the time before that was when I had my bottom wisdom teeth ripped out of my mouth.

When I have my voice and semi-consciousness back, remind me to tell you about how Mark has been all trying to help me around the house while I lay in bed in a pitiful snot-induced coma and how he proudly made a point to tell me that he merged two bottles of shampoo to help declutter the shower even though our kitchen floor has been covered in seventy billion fridge magnets for over a week.


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Oh, the Cold. It is merciless. I had it over the Inauguration and MY GOD I felt horrible. I hope it passes fast and seriously- merging 2 bottles of shampoo in a de-clutter effort? Your husband kicks ass.
Posted by Anonymous Hilary :  March 05, 2009

Be very careful, I have a feeling he probably did something like merge shampoo and face wash. That is something my husband would do. But babe, this tube of Monistat totally looked like the tube of lotion so I just mixed em together.!

Karla, could you please let us know how Dawn is? She hasn't posted in weeks and a few of us are really concerned.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  March 05, 2009

You have it too? It's been a month since I've finally gotten rid of mine! Hope for a speedy recovery. I wouldn't want to wish this virus on anyone.
Posted by Anonymous Flippin Yank :  March 05, 2009

I feel your pain Karla - this house has had cold after cold after cold since Thanksgiving - and i have gotten 90% of them. It is horrible...Wait till he starts school it is even worse than!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  March 05, 2009

I hate viruses. And I hate when the doctor says that there is nothing they can do for a virus but to let it run its course. Well at least you have a little codeine to make you feel better! Get well soon.
Posted by Blogger Spellbound :  March 05, 2009

Ahh, codine worked wonders for me when i got my tonsilectomy!
I hope you are feeling better soon. Bring on the summer, please!
Amanda x
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  March 05, 2009

We have had our share of the winter blues too!
Not nice!
I hope that you are all better soon ~ maybe Mark thinks that the fridge magnets look pretty where they are ha ha !
Love and big hugs Tabitha XXXXXX
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  March 05, 2009

I, too, am loving my codeine laced meds! I'm on round two now. If you lost your voice from coughing, though, my dr. said it might come from a sinus infection, which is what I have. If it keeps up, you may want to check into it. I was first told I had the flu, but it was worse than that and needed antibiotics.
Posted by Blogger Christi :  March 05, 2009

I've done the coffee-less coffee more than once -- without the excuse of being sick.

Take care, Cuppa appeared to crack a rib from coughing too much last spring. I say appeared because we don't know for sure, but she sure was sore.
Posted by Blogger Anvilcloud :  March 06, 2009

Karla, could you please let us know if Dawn is okay since you're the administrator? We are all worried. It would really put our minds at ease to know if she is sick or something. Please take the time to let her/your readers know...
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  March 07, 2009

Hi there, I'm afraid that I have not heard from Dawn either. I'm sorry, but you know as much as I do.
Posted by Blogger karla :  March 07, 2009


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