My Superman
by Karla ° Saturday, October 31, 2009
This year, Nate was dressed up as Superman for Halloween. It wasn’t a strategic choice or anything, it was totally the only costume that fit at the consignment shop because that is just how I role. Yes, I accept hand-me-downs and shop second hand for children’s clothes because I just can’t justify spending $30 on name brand toddler jeans that he will outgrow in a week. Or, I guess in Nate’s case a year, because dear lord my almost three year old still fits in 18 month sizes.

So, yeah, his costume cost all of $6.00 and when I brought it home the smile on his face alone was worth every penny (and more.)

And irony of all ironies, Nate is absolutely my little superman in every possible way.


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by Karla ° Saturday, October 24, 2009
My Nephew is visiting this weekend and last night, after everyone was fed and high on chocolate we sat down to watch a cartoon. The result of two boys, very close in age rapidly progressed to strategic bed time procrastination, a series of circus worthy sofa bouncing acrobatics and giggle-inducing fart jokes.

Here is the story of last night described to a `tee` in pictures, complete with a demand for beverages, monkey couch jumping and a blurry ending.

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Dear Santa
by Karla ° Saturday, October 17, 2009
This morning Nate opened the curtain in our family room, looked outside and up at the sky and out of totally nowhere began a very comprehensive dissertation to “Santa” about all the toys he wants. It was quite endearing actually, watching him stare wistfully out of the window wide-eyed and speaking animatedly to a mythical man about red cars and blue crayons.

And once he was finished discussing his list of wants to a jolly person in a sartorial nightmare of a red suit somewhere outside our window he was all, “Now go get all the toys for me RIGHT NOW Santa!”


Here are a few pics from our morning walk through a gorgeous conservation area we just discovered that is less than a five minute drive from our home.

Mark and I ambled deep into the wooded paths of this Conservation park, two adults embracing hands and clutching warm coffees with our free hands while Nate, a tambourine of laughter and innocence pointed out collapsed trees and shared "beautiful" fallen leaves with us as we propelled rocks into meandering stream and threw massive piles of leaves above our heads, watching them flutter and fall to the ground below.

Clearly, so much fresh air and exercise has its consequences.

It's called the best afternoon nap EVER.

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by Karla ° Saturday, October 3, 2009
Nate totally loves to feed Samson. He also likes to pull his tail but Samson loves any and all forms attention and would probably still love you if you threw bricks at his head because that is the kind of loyal/insane dog that he is. But when it comes to food, my dog has no will power. The other day Mark, not remembering we have a dog that could eat twelve horses for dinner and then a crate of ice cream for dessert left two freshly grilled chicken breasts on the counter. Guess who had a cheese bagel for dinner and who ate like a king that night? Hint: It was not Mark.

Anyway, Nate gets a kick out of feeding the dog. He will sit there and meticulously feed him one kibble at a time until the entire massive bowl that is required to fuel a 90lb dog is done. One by one by one.

And most of the time, Nate makes Samson sit for each kibble. So if you multiply a million kibbles a day times sitting for each one, I think we’ve found the greatest occupier/distraction of toddler attention span of all time. And sometimes, he makes Samson sit and stay while he carefully places like, a hundred kibbles in a straight line. I’m not sure why Nate likes to do that but it kind of reminds me of a line of crack infused with specially formulated kibble for large breed dogs. It’s pretty funny really, watching Nate be all, “NO SAMSON! NO! DON'T TAKE IT SAMSOM! NOT YET!” And Samson is all like, “OMG! OMG! Do I sit? Lay down? Yoink a freebie? Eff it. I’m totally yoinking a freebie. YOINK!” And then Nate has a melt down because Samson stole a kibble in the middle of the line and that means the entire line of kibble needs to be rebuilt and Samson absolutely must wait with bated doggy breath for his next single serving of kibble.

Today Nate wanted to give Samson a cookie. And I was all like, “Of course Sweetpea. Samson can have a cookie, you know where they are.”

And then I went about doing whatever I was doing and found Nate with this:

Clearly next time Nate asks if he can give Samson a cookie I need to remind him that cookies are a sometimes food and we probably should only eat one or two at a time because I’m pretty sure if Samson DID eat that massive pile of doggy cookies he would totally have a massive pile of doggy diarrhea and then Mark and I would ultimately end up having a very elaborate argument ending with us playing Rock Paper Scissors to decide who has to clean it up.
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