Is this mic on?
by Karla ° Wednesday, January 27, 2010
*Tap* *Tap*

Oh, hi! Remember me? It’s me! Karla!

And I have writer's block.

Like, really bad.

I’ve been writing online for almost six years now and in all that time I can remember only once where something like this happened before. It was almost exactly three years ago to the day and my excuse back then was that I was dealing with an asshole of a puppy who would NOT STOP BITING ALREADY and had gnawed my fingers down to inoperable and fleshless bony stumps. Lucky for Samson my fingers eventually grew back and he did not have to live the rest of his life on a glue factory farm.

So um, yeah. Now that we’ve established I haven’t been writing, what exactly HAVE I been doing? Well, since January 1st I have:

- Ran almost 200km (124 miles)
- Completed level 1 and level 2 of the 30 day shred without missing a day (level three starts today)
- Not had even one drop of alcohol!?!
- Been spending more time with my son
- Registered Nate for Junior Kindergarten?!?
- Baked eleventy trillion loaves of homemade 7-grain bread
- Reduced my coffee intake to one cup a day!?!
- Increased my diet soda intake to exponential proportions

So basically I spend my days playing with my kid, working out, eating the most delish homemade bread and drinking diet coke and trying to convince myself to write.

The thing is, I can’t just sit down and will myself to write about something, anything, if it doesn’t ignite a spark under my ass to be creative. I mean, why try to force what just isn’t there, you know?

I guess what I’m trying to say is, until I get my writing juju back, I’ll probably post a lot of pictures and spend way too much time on twitter and facebook.


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Cada uno tiene que hacer en cada momento lo que le apetece. A veces escribir es un tipo de terapia. La no necesidad de escribir puede indicar una vida muy plena y feliz, así que felicidades, aunque he de reconocer que hecho de menos tus "cartas" en esta página. Un abrazo
Posted by Anonymous susana :  January 28, 2010

Write about how ridiculous it is that you have crzyfangrlz in Tasmania. ;)

Good to see you're still around. :)
Posted by Blogger Alison :  January 28, 2010

It's just nice to know that your all well.
Is The Shread a good workout DVD? I've lost 50 lbs, but could be doing with losing a good few more LOL! Will have to look out for that DVD in the shops.

Amanda x
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  February 04, 2010

Amanda, I cannot recommend The 30 Shred enough. I`d been hearing about it all the time but never tried it and boy am I glad I did.

Take care
Posted by Blogger karla :  February 04, 2010


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