We run them over and step on them, apparently
by Karla ° Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Last night we packed up the family and went for a car ride. We do that a lot; go for car rides that is, not literally pack up a family because stuffing humans in a suitcase is just weird.

Anyway, it’s something that Mark and I have done for, well, since we’ve known each other really. And there is almost always coffee involved. Two large, each with two milk and now that our family has grown to include a dog and a child, the drive-thru coffee purchase usually includes a bite-sized donut morsel for Samson and a chocolate chip cookie to keep the pint-sized human strapped in the back quiet, err, I mean content.

Car rides are also where we do a lot of talking and I’ve come to realize that it’s probably because we’re all strapped to our seats in very close proximity to each other and have no choice really but to either talk or stare at the lines on the pavement. Depending on my mood, I can do both equally well.

In between mouthfuls of chocolate-infused cookie bliss Nathan jabbers away about this or that often fueling his rapidly growing intellect by asking Mark or me questions. Last night, for example, he asked where the sun goes when it’s night time. So we began explaining that the sun never really goes anywhere and that it’s still just floating in the solar system while the earth rotates around it and that the sun is starting to stay out longer and that our days are getting longer. But not technically longer as in more hours, which, god, wouldn’t that be sweet but, like, longer because the sun shines on our planet longer because Earth is tilted a bit and soon, like when it’s Summer, the sun will rise earlier in the morning and it won’t get dark out until much later at night. And as we’re going around in circles trying to answer why it’s dark outside all of a sudden Nate was all, “And sometimes people don’t have homes right?”

Because the tilt of the Earth’s axis is totally related to homelessness, obviously!

But we concurred, that yes, some people sleep on the street because they don’t have a place to call home and reminded him what a fortunate boy he is to have a home with a TV for cartoons and an endless supply of chicken fingers with sauce.

Still thinking about being homeless he said, “Some people sleep on the street right?” And without missing a beat he was all, “And then the cars run them over right?”

So now we’re stifling back laughter that Nate literally imagined a homeless person actually sleeping on a road but managed to try and explain that they don’t really sleep on the street because that would be dangerous. Understanding that he knows a sidewalk is a safe place to walk near the road we said that a homeless person usually finds somewhere safe, like a sidewalk to sleep, so they won’t get hit by a car.

He pondered this and after a moment of silence he was all, “So when we go for a walk we can step on their tummy?”

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And it never end`s untill they start correcting you,LOL
Posted by Anonymous Barclay :  March 03, 2010

That's a great story. Everything he says makes perfect sense. It's easy to forget how children take things so literally.

When I was a kid my dad said he couldn't just not go to work because they would fire him. I thought that meant they would set him on fire, and this seemed reasonable to me.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  March 03, 2010

I'm noticing that Beth hasn't posted in awhile and that her don't have her website linked from yours anymore. Is she not blogging anymore? I hope everything is alright.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  March 03, 2010

It never fails to both amaze and amuse me the things that kids say and think!
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  March 04, 2010

Hilarious. I love how kids take things so literally. My husband told our son recently that his eyes looked red because he was tired, he ran to the mirror and came back and said, "no, their brown!"

I have to admit, kids are the best entertainment. The sheer fact that they can keep up with the conversations and put their 2 cents in drives me wild. I love entertaining their ideas. Asking questions to see how their little minds answer them. Totally Adorable!
Posted by OpenID sheerchaos :  March 09, 2010


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