Doggy Tan
by Karla ° Saturday, April 21, 2007
So my dream home sold within hours of being on the market. And I’m sad that it’s gone, but at the same time, it was on the busy street and part of my dream home requirements is to live on a crescent where Nate can play road hockey and ride his bike, so I guess it wasn’t my dream home after all. And to build my dream home will cost way more than we can afford comfortably on one salary after all the upgrades are factored in, so I guess if I want to stay home and raise Nate, that home is just not meant to be.

We’re still sitting on the fence as to whether to buy or sell first or buy resale or brand new. The same model house down the street as the one we live in now just sold for more than asking price. We paid more than asking price for our home too. Sometimes, during a hot market, that’s just how real estate rolls around here.

There’s still the issue with the dog if we buy new. And not having a deck right away because decks are expensive. I love my deck, even though Samson ate most of the lattice off of it. And of course, there is the issue of where Samson would sun tan without a deck. The dog needs to be able to suntan.

There is also the issue of not having any grass for Samson to ruin with his manly dog pee. Note the yellow pee grass just off the deck. I like pee grass. At least I like it better than dirt because see that garden in the far right corner of the picture? That’s a pretend garden. I put it there yesterday to cleverly disguise Samson’s endeavor to dig the hugest mother hole possible.

What I need to do is teach the dog how to use the kitty litter box.

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all i can really reply to this is HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Sorry that your dream home sold...but like you said, it wasn't really your dream home if it wasn't in your dream location!

Good luck teaching Samson to use the litter box...if you succeed, let me know. My brother could use some pointers for his big mutt!
Posted by Blogger Cate :  April 21, 2007

(mentally picturing a giant yellow dog in a litterbox- someone photoshop this, please, and post it!)
ok, now what I ment to post :)
we bought brand new and let me tell you, it has about a 50/50 split on good vs bad. The good- it's yours, no one has lived in it, you pick everything. The bad- you have to do the window treatments, re-paint the aweful flat paint that the builder usually does- and we have not, it is BAD with the 2 1/2 year old's "artwork" on it-UGH- you have to put in the backyard, and forget about them building a fence FOR you. As you have discoverd, many of the comforts of home can be expensive to add. I could go on but I'm sure you are discovering all of this on your own! I will not build new again. Yes, it was exciting seeing it built just for us. But, I'd take a home that has the fence, deck, blinds, ect and maybe have to repaint or pull crappy wallpaper down any day to worrying over getting the major things again. Also- I think you are right- it must not have been ment to be, this dream home this time around-when you are least looking, things come to you. And you deserve it, all of you.
Posted by Anonymous Shannon :  April 21, 2007

Another one will come along, you'll see!
Posted by Blogger Gina :  April 21, 2007

Hey, we're getting our house readyto sell - HUGE yeard, all fenced in away from a major road.
Granted the commute with be a bit rough, but Arizona to Toronto ... you could do that.
Posted by Blogger methatiam :  April 21, 2007

As I said before, we bought an antique home on an acre of land on a busy street. We thought it was a home we could live in forever. But it needs all kinds of updating and the dog runs in the mud and the kids run in the mud and the basement fills with water when it rains and the paint is sloughing off on the outside and the doors to the bedrooms don't close and the dryer vents into the bathroom rather than to the outside and I want to cry every time I think of the brand new house we almost bought but didn't because we thought it lacked character and didn't have a proper room for the home-office. When raising a family and a dog, simple is better. Just my two cents.
Posted by Blogger cce :  April 22, 2007

I don't remember what it's called - but there is supplement you can feed your dog so his pee won't kill the grass anymore. My friends have to give it to one of their dogs.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  April 23, 2007


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