Teaching an old dog new tricks
by Karla ° Wednesday, July 25, 2007
We’re trying to teach the dog a new trick called “go get me a beer Samson.”

So far we've taught Samson how to open the fridge. Teaching him to reach his big dog head inside and grab a bottle of beer without devouring all of the cheese is a whole different story.

This might turn out to be a total disaster. And I'm quite certain that this will result in entire bricks of cheese mysteriously vanishing into the nether regions of my dog’s stomach (that’s got to be a constipation nightmare), but then again, it also might solve the perpetual problem of rotting leftovers.

In any case, this is so going to be a big hit when company comes to visit. That is, as long as they don’t mind drinking from a bottle of beer covered in frothy dog drool.


This is the new colour of my kitchen:

Note the big giant dog crate that takes up all of the space where a table should be.

Also note Samson’s tug towel – to open the fridge that is.

Also also note the applicances. My stove and dishwasher have been around since before the dawn of civilization. They have an external combustion engine that runs off of gunpowder and steam. My fridge was replaced a few years ago when it suddenly blew up. Probably from the gunpowder.

Mark is colour blind and thinks the kitchen looks pink. He also thinks that dogs and their owners tend to look alike and told me that our dog is a nice mix between the two of us because Samson is muscly like him and has a nice ass and boobs like me.

The romance around here makes my spine tingle.

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oh Karla - you always make me laugh!

Your kitchen is definitely not pink!!! And I think the cage adds a little something to the decor :)


I like the color!

He isn't really color blind, is he?
Posted by Blogger Gina :  July 25, 2007

PINK!!! Uhh huh right he does know nate is not a girl right and samsons not a cat

I admire your ingenuity; I knew a couple who taught their toddler to fetch beer, which, while cute, seemed a bit wrong.
Posted by Blogger M :  July 25, 2007

Nicely framed photo. :)
Posted by Blogger Anvilcloud :  July 25, 2007

I like your kitchen and Samson is quite the talented doggie!


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