The Day After
by Karla ° Friday, September 21, 2007
I meant to write something more lovey dovey and meaningful yesterday to mark our four year anniversary, but the night before our anniversary Nate decided he did not want to sleep and then on the morning of our anniversary, there were bodies to drop off at the train station for their morning commute and the offering of the breasts to a black hole of need and the endless pumping so that his Majesty can dine on cereal with milk straight from the jug, so to speak.

And since it was our anniversary, I wanted to prepare a nice dinner for Mark that did not come out of a frozen box. That in and of itself is an accomplishment of enormous proportions. Also, things that involve pots and pans and appliances and electricity require my full attention span so that I do not burn down our home.

So that is why I could not focus on writing something lovey dovey yesterday.

I also may have wanted to go shopping for new clothes. Which I did, only to be disappointed that the clothes at my most favourite clothing store in the whole wide world no longer look the same on a body that has given birth to a couple of a babies and a new set of hips.

Anyhow, after spending the afternoon shopping and chopping peppers and zucchini and adding milk to some instant Jell-O chocolate pudding mix, Mark called to let me know that all trains out of the city were cancelled until further notice (translation: all night long) due to a massive five-alarm fire at an auto wreckers in Toronto.

The only other option for him to get home was to hop on a subway and head as far out of the city as it would take him so that I could pick him up.

Now, I have taken the cut off from the highway where I was supposed to meet Mark many times before because it is the exact same cut off for the mall where I have become intimately acquainted with the new Lululemon store that recently opened there.

But bozo me, was driving along, la-la-la, and missed the cut off. And by now rush hour was in full force.

Long story short, we finally made it home in what was remarkably only a two hour commute for Mark. Considering the chaos that public transit was in, this was record timing.

So while Mark fed Nate his dinner, I went to work on my special anniversary dinner masterpiece. On the menu was a homemade fettuccini alfredo sauce that ended up looking like melted plastic, followed Tiramisu for dessert, which although heavenly looking, tasted hellish.

Today is a new day though, and I am ready to profess my undying love.


My Dearest Mark,

I’m sorry dinner was awful.

But you did marry me knowing that the stove is my enemy.

I love you.

Thank you for the back rub.

And I’m sorry I fell asleep before the sex part.

Love always,



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Isn't that how it always goes. You want things to be so perfect and it all goes to shambles. I always want to look all cute on special occasions and I end up with flour in my hair and spaghetti sauce down my shirt (mixed with a little baby puke of course!) I told my husband I am never planning anything romantic again because the sex never happens and the food always sucks!
Posted by Anonymous carly :  September 21, 2007

This is so true! The more expectation there is, the more screwed up events can get. We had our 15th anniversary this summer and with two kids, work, life, etc. we barely noticed..... I also laughed out loud while reading your post: the stove is my enemy too! btw, Congratulations!

As long as he knew that when he signed up, it's ok!

Beeyutiful pictures, and Happy Anniversary!

I like the new font up top, too!
Posted by Blogger Gina :  September 21, 2007

You two really are wonderful.
Happy Anniversary.
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  September 21, 2007

These transit cancellations always always happen at the worst possible time.
You guys rock. Happy 4th!
Posted by Blogger H :  September 21, 2007

wow i just looooove your dress! and also, i fell asleep for that other part this year too!

and seriously no matter how i try i can't figure out how to pronounce that big long P word on your blog today

That is truly the epitamy of romance! Only someone who loves you could still love you after to "fell asleep" at the most important part! I do it all the time to test to see if Trey still loves me!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  September 23, 2007

I'm late, but Happy Anniversary. Beautiful wedding pictures.


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