The Joy of Boobs
by Karla ° Tuesday, October 2, 2007
On Friday night, a dear friend of mine and her husband drove several hours to visit and meet Nate.

Much of this whole mothering thing has not come naturally to me and since they are expecting their first baby, I thought I would pawn off some diaper duty to the new momma because, you know, practice for her, less work for me.

I remember feeling completely embarrassed the first time I changed Nate’s diaper. I had never changed a diaper in my entire life. It was a meconium poop too, which meant that it looked distinctly similar to a chemistry experiment of tar and negatively charged sewage ions gone bad. And by gone bad, I mean exploding chemical warfare.

Since Nate still had wires attached to his body, I had absolutely no idea how I would actually manoeuvre around everything without getting poop everywhere. Because really, the last thing a baby living in a bubble of an incubator on CPAP needs is mother who flings germ infested poop all over.

Somehow I managed though. But barely. Because had someone not pointed out to me that I was putting his diaper on upside down and backwards, that kid may still be wearing a diaper on his head.

My friend though? She’s a natural. She had his diaper changed in about two second flat.

I also remember feeling all thumbs holding my baby, but she held and interacted with Nate like she had already birthed and raised an entire brigade of pint sized humans.

Nate must have felt very at ease with her motherly grace because at one point while he was sitting on her lap, he nonchalantly reached over and cupped his tiny little palm over her breast. Just like that. Like it was the most natural place in the world to rest his busy little baby fingers.

This is the photo she snapped while Nate copped a feel of her boobs.

If that is not a look of pure joy, then I don’t know what is.

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That smile is totally contagious. He's like, "Yeah, I know all about boobs." Adorable.
Posted by Blogger H :  October 02, 2007

He's adorable! Give him brown eyes and facial hair and that could be my face in the same circumstance. Except no one takes my picture and thinks it's cute when I do it. He has the right idea, I should have taken better advantage when I was his age. ;-)
Posted by Blogger Scott :  October 02, 2007


I was the same way as you, all not knowing what the hell to do. It came from being the youngest and having no younger siblings or cousins that I ever had to take care of, or even hang out with. I never babysat, either.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  October 02, 2007

OMG - that's hilarious! Aiden doesn't tend to reach out and grab boobs that aren't mine but boy does he stare! He definitely takes after Gabe, he doesn't even try to hide the fact that he's checking out every rack that enters the room. :-)
Posted by Blogger Brandy :  October 02, 2007

That is so funny!! And I love that picture - the most adorable!!!

I was an inept new mom too the first time around.

Boobs. Who doesn't love them?
Posted by Blogger Julia :  October 02, 2007

oh my goodness that smile is contagious. :)
Posted by Blogger Elizabeth :  October 02, 2007

I suppose he could have gone a step further and gummed it. I'm sure the photo would have been just as lovely.
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  October 02, 2007

You can just seem him thinking "mmmmm boobage - got get me some!".
Posted by Anonymous Anna :  October 02, 2007

What eyelashes he has! What a smirk he has! This little baby boy is on his way to becoming a heartbreaker. ;) So adorable! (And embarrassing if he catches wind of this when he's older, lol!)
Posted by Anonymous Keri :  October 02, 2007

Hee! I think he's a ladies' man! Oooh man it has been a WHILE since I have changed a diaper... My husband NEVER has! Ew! Well, we're 32 weeks PG and counting so we'll get practice soon enough.. Yay (or something).
Posted by Blogger Jeninacide :  October 02, 2007

What a sweet thing to say! Thanks for the kind words. I had a lot of fun with Nate, he's a cutie pie.

Maybe next time I'll be privlaged enough to change a more complicated diaper ;-)
Posted by Blogger Supervisor :  October 02, 2007

That boy is just THE cutest!
Posted by Blogger Judy :  October 02, 2007

Love Nates pictures he couldn't get any cuter, glad you stopped to say "hi" Thanks! :)

Boys and their obsession with boobs!

After Porgie was born, I remember feeling like a retarded asshole too. Nothing came naturally.
Posted by Blogger Christy :  October 03, 2007

I made Tripp do most of the diaper changes when Maxie was tethered to all his wires. I didn't want to fumble my way through it.

Nate is so deliciously cute, I can't stand it.

So Nate is already a 'boob man'? What a riot! Love that glee in his eyes!
Posted by Blogger Colleen :  October 04, 2007


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