Of Hormones and Peroxide
by Karla ° Tuesday, October 16, 2007
While browsing through the photos that Mark took of Nate and me the other day, I happened to notice just how pigment-challenged my hair really is. I mean, I knew my colour was faded and uneven near my roots, but I was blissfully unaware that exactly one half of the hair of my head is a totally different colour than the other half.

This multi-coloured phenomenon started late in my pregnancy with Nate. A few weeks before he was born, I began to notice the wisps of hair that framed my face were turning a brassy shade of orange, which you can see in this close up of my scalp taken during my c-section.

Now, it’s not like I am a hair colour novice. I have been dying my hair since the tender age of 12 when I started experimenting with how vibrantly purple my tresses could get using grape Kool-Aid. Once I became bored with drink crystals, I switched to the non-permanent hair dyes, which quickly turned into a full blown addiction to permanent shades of Plum Burgundy, Ruby Red Auburn and Chilean Sunsets.

Then, of course, there was the hair-so-black-it-looked-blue-hello-I-am-an-angst-fuelled-teenager phase. Oh, and how could I ever forget the time that I went blonde for Mark because he loves Marilyn Monroe and who am I to deny a man of a harmless fantasy, right?

That episode of bleach blond fun fried my hair so bad that I spent my entire second year of college trying not to look like I just stuck my finger in an electrical socket. It was also the shortest I have ever had to cut my hair.

It would be nice to say that almost losing my hair taught me a valuable lesson about the dark side of peroxide, but that would be a lie. Although I no longer colour my hair for the promises on the box of drama and shimmering confidence, I still need to dye my hair because at 28 years old, I have been cursed with more gray hair than a room filled with 90 year old women.

Shortly after Nate was born, I dyed my hair a deep shade of brown to banish the advancing gray fibers and mysterious wisps of orange . At first I was all like, ohhh, ahhh, lusciously dark locks how much I love thee, but then a few weeks later, the colour that so boldly promised revolutionary hair technology of pure colour penetrating extracts, faded to shade no less orange than rust.

I dyed my hair again, with a different brand of hair dye, and the same thing happened. And then it happened again. And yet again. The last time I dyed my hair was in September. I even used a shade of ash brown to see if that would get rid of the brassiness and because I am quite certain that my hair has not grown over six inches in the past few weeks, you can see where the colour has faded/did not fully penetrate/drives me bat-shit crazy on only the newish hair growth.

Seriously, what is up with that? Either colour suits me fine, really, just not a half and half mixture both.

Long time readers may remember that after giving birth to Ava, I was no longer able to wear my wedding rings without my fingers breaking out in itchy blisters. Once I became pregnant again however, all the symptoms disappeared and have never returned. This leaves to believe that the reaction was purely hormonal.

Could this be a hormonal thing related to pregnancy as well? Or breastfeeding? Or is my hair just addicted to peroxide? And when exactly did my ass disappear?


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pregnancy hormones do change the texture and color of your hair. mine looked rainbow (blond- light brown- blondish- brown) after two babies and i sought professional help. do you have a colorist? also, my ass disappeared recently. i actually went to the doctor because i had lost so much weight while still eating an extra meal at 10pm. i was told that i am a perfect example of how breastfeeding takes the baby weight off. after weaning nora, i notice my ass is growing back, i just discontinued the late night meal, which was typically a bowl of cereal.
okay, i will leave some room for other comments...
Posted by Blogger Katie :  October 16, 2007

I'd be glad to lend you some extra ass.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  October 16, 2007

Sorry, afraid I can't help you on the hair coloring issue...however, I can definitely help out with the lack of ass. I have plenty off ass and could loan you and Katie both enough to give each of you a nicely rounded tush :)
Posted by Blogger Poppy :  October 16, 2007

off should be of.

I'm not retyping that whole post to correct one word.

I do wish blogger had an edit button. Dammit.
Posted by Blogger Poppy :  October 16, 2007

For sure pregnancy/breastfeeding hormones affect the hair. Mine is thick without pregnancy but during pregnnacy/breastfeeding the hair is coarse and digusting... considering I have been pregnant or breastfeeding since 2002...I am not sure I even remember my old hair.....

Unfortunately I can not help you with the ass thing...hehehe..though i have trouble believing it is a problem that needs help.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  October 16, 2007

definitely could be the hormones...and um, like others, I got some ass you can have!

I got some ass to, Karla.
So wa-do-ya-say?

Gray hair is not bad, makes you more interesting, until you're an old fart like me! Well, I'm just a few years older than you, but I don't feel it.
Posted by Blogger Vid Digger :  October 16, 2007

Shortly after TJ was born, I died my hair a darker brown. It came out black as night....not a good look for me! I'd have taken your color any day!

Now, I dye my hair a dark brown, and it does the same thing as yours does. It might be the hormones. I never thought about it. I always just thought it was kinda cool that I got natural highlights w/o having to pay for them! I like the way your hair looks, very natural! It could also be from the sun bleaching out some of it.
Posted by Blogger Christi :  October 16, 2007

I'll trade your highlights for my dark chestnut hair. I was thinking about paying big money at my salon for the look that you have.. lol..

Not making a comment on my posterior. Just thinking about how it (and everything else, for that matter)used to look before having kids is enough to make me cry.

The disappearing ass thing and the hair thing seem to be those things nobody ever tells you.
Posted by Blogger H :  October 16, 2007

If you use a colour deposit conditioner with a purple/violet tint to it is should help tone down any brassiness
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  October 16, 2007


Maybe a professional coloring might do the trick?

I know you already have offers of more ass, but mine is way better than theirs. Take mine!
Posted by Blogger Gina :  October 18, 2007

Totally normal.

Your coloring will never be the same - and you'll start to have gray and white too which make it even more impossible to color well. :)
Posted by Blogger aka_Meritt :  October 20, 2007

I know I am replying to this almost 2 months later, but I just read it tonight.

I have weird hormone/hair related issues, too. I was born with naturally curly hair, but after having two babies in two years, my hair is curly on top and straight as a board underneath. This means I have two choices -- my hair can be completely up or completely down. There's no middle ground there.

My hair also has the same coloring problem as yours.... just with different shades. I dye my hair a cherry chocolate color, but I've got light blond poking through at the roots... even if I JUST dyed my hair a couple of days ago.

Ah, and you can have my ass. :) I'd gladly trade my enormous ass for your lack-o-ass.


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