Things of Which He Does Not Need
by Karla ° Thursday, October 4, 2007
Mark had to bring our car in for a long overdue oil change last weekend. To pass the time while waiting for the car to be serviced, he usually heads over to the mall, grabs a coffee and walks around aimlessly. I say aimlessly because the man does not shop. Trying to get him to shop for clothes is like asking him to amputate his own leg.

When he does go shopping, it is only at two stores. This is purely out of necessity to keep the act of purchasing clothing as simple and painless as possible because he is firmly convinced that his head might explode if he were to shop the way I do, which is to try on every article of clothing from every store under the sun to compare and contrast and hem and haw and see how it looks facing forward and then backwards and bending over and standing on my head until I decide which pair of jeans flatter my ass the best. And then I make him drive me back across town to buy number 7 of the 34 possible options.

It has taken much fine tuning to narrow down his clothing options to only two stores, but this is a very reasonable number for a man who does not like to shop, especially when the sizing and the fit is all worked out so that he doesn't need to try anything on. He can just go in and buy his work clothes at one store and his casual clothes at the other.

For the past couple of years, Mark has been very dedicated to his work out regime and has lost a lot of weight. This has caused much grief in the clothing department and he has been surviving off one pair of jeans for far too long.

Since he was taking the car in for an oil change and had some time to kill, I reminded him that he desperately needs clothes and encouraged him to go to the designated casual clothing store and pick up a new pair of jeans.

He came home with new socks.


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I shop like Mark. :) Socks are great because you don't have to try them on!
Posted by Blogger Eva :  October 04, 2007

Marcel does most of his shopping at whatever place he works or goes to school. In other words, 90% of his wardrobe (and yes, even some of his underwear) has a corporate logo on it somewhere.
Posted by Blogger Heather :  October 04, 2007

You are too freaking funny. too. freaking.funny. Seriously!

I am so with you on the shopping thing. I have to try everything on and look at in many different ways. Unfortunately, my butt looks big no matter how many ways I try to look it.

Good for both of you ... as in sock it to ...
Posted by Blogger Anvilcloud :  October 04, 2007

my husband would have come home with beer

Things have been easier since I introduced Peter to Banana Republic. He's now a big fan, but we're not in the US so we usually make a big raid every time we come back.

Ahh, Hubba-hubba needs to take him shopping and show him how to do it!

Seriously, Hubba-hubba takes longer than me to shop.

Although I'm not sure if you looked at him, you would think he spent an hour picking out his shirt.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  October 05, 2007

I am a careful shopper, too (as in I examine all the clothing obsessively and try everything on multiple times). Sometimes the clerks think I'm a shoplifter because I linger too long.
Posted by Blogger H :  October 05, 2007


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