by Karla ° Friday, October 5, 2007
Nate’s Winkel has become a very colourful addition to the milk shelf in our refrigerator.

This soft and bendable maze of a toy is quite possibly his most favourite thing to chomp and chew on when his gums are sore, much to relief of anyone nearby with an open window.


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Ahhh, yes - the beloved winkel. I thought we were the only ones that included this godsend into our daily lives,
Posted by Blogger rebelmom :  October 05, 2007

We have this thing but it's got a ducky in the middle instead!
Posted by Blogger Eva :  October 05, 2007

I thought this post was going to be about something entirely different as I read "Nates winkel..." thank goodness the photo clarified it all for me!!
Posted by Anonymous Anna :  October 06, 2007

I've never seen one of those...but darn if I don't wanna gnaw on it.

I read this first through google reader and the picture doesn't come up, so I stared at the words for a full thirty seconds thinking I had suddenly forgotten English. Then I clicked on the page and the picture helped me out. Sorta.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  October 06, 2007

seriously i dont know why but i find the word winkle absolutly giggle worthy...winkle ha ha i could laugh about it all night

We have a toy similiar to the winkel, but the wirey things are coming out of a duck instead of a cube. Porgie never chewed on it though. She just likes to throw it.
Posted by Blogger Christy :  October 07, 2007

So that's what it is called. My little guy has one of these and he also loves to chomp on it.
Posted by Blogger Dorene :  October 08, 2007


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