What Happens in Vegas
by Karla ° Friday, March 14, 2008
It was the summer 2004 and Mark and I had been trying to conceive since just after getting married in September of 2003. With each passing month that my period arrived, despite perfectly timed sex according to my very normal 28 day cycle, 16 day luteal phase, I grew increasingly despondent and withdrawn. Having a baby consumed me.

In June, we decided to go on vacation to Las Vegas. We tried to plan it around my cycle, but we went away with another couple and the dates didn’t quite work out the way I wanted them too. Our week in the City of Lights would either greet with me a baby or my big stupid period.

Even though we were on vacation, I was still temping and charting, and when I woke up on day 29 of my cycle, I fully expected my temperature to have dropped and my period to have arrived. But Lo! That was not the case. My temperature 17 days past ovulation was still up. My heart fluttered with cautious hope and anticipation.

By evening, when my period had not yet arrived, I decided to take a pregnancy test. I walked into a CVS Pharmacy on the Strip, grabbed a test and approached the cashier to pay for it. The girl behind the counter looked at the pregnancy test, gave me a sheepish look, and rang it in.

“Good luck,” she mumbled as I walked away.

I can only imagine how that whole purchase must have looked in the self proclaimed City of Sin.

I took the pregnancy test in a public washroom at the Bellagio. It was negative. And that was exactly how I would describe my attitude for the rest of our vacation.

The next morning my period arrived, compounding my misery. There we were in a city of perpetual reinvention, distilled neon history, high rollers, night clubs and non-stop mind blowing entertainment, and all I wanted to do was sulk. Not even the majestic grandeur of the Grand Canyon seemed to mend my crushed spirit.

Mark and I always swore we would go back to Vegas someday. And that day will arrive in two months when we return to the Kingdom of Surreal to spend a full week lounging by lavish pools and swaying to the rhythm of sizzling Vegas nightlife.

This time, however, we’re going to do Vegas right. There will be no sulking, no big stupid periods, and no baby-making. Just pure, mesmerizing fun with some much anticipated unadulterated sex between consenting adults.

And it is very likely that what happens in Vegas will end up on this website in a much edited PG version.

2004 Vacation to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon
(UPDATE: Video by Mark)

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I truly enjoy your blogging. I went back and read your past blogs - cried, laughed and rejoiced. I had some catching up to do, but it was a joy. Your videos are beautiful and I am amazed of how you time the music just right with the video. Wonderful work. Have a great time in Vegas!

Ooops. Bad Karla! Bad!

I should have mentioned that this particular video was put together by my better half, Mark.
Posted by Blogger karla :  March 14, 2008

We are going next week, and I can already feel it. Love the video and how that song is like, the epitome of Vegas and the Bellagio. Have fun!
Posted by Anonymous Mary :  March 14, 2008

Hope you have a fantastic time in Vegas. Loved the video the Grand Canyon looks breath taking. Make sure you take that camera of yours with you, I look forward to the pictures (of the scenery....not the consenting adult part ha ha!!!). I am sure you will have a fab time.
Tabitha X

PS....I have ordered the camera, it will be delivered 7 - 10 days!!!
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  March 14, 2008

I am looking forward to your Vegas post as I have been trying to convince the hubby we need to go there! Maybe your post will help in my campaign

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  March 14, 2008

Unfortunately for me, I chose a husband who is afraid to fly. While Vegas may not be my destination of choice, *anywhere* would be nice. The last time we went *anywhere* was nearly 4 years ago. Our honeymoon. We haven't travelled further than a 2 hour drive since then.

Very jealous = me.
Posted by Anonymous Jen O. :  March 14, 2008


This sounds very familiar to me. In October of 2000 my husband and I went to Vegas and stayed in the MGM and we were celebrating our 2 year anniversary. A few days before we left for Las Vegas, I had a positive home pregnancy test. I hadn't been to the doctor yet to confirm but I was already so excited. When we got on the plane for Vegas, I began spotting and the bleeding continued most of the trip. Since I was so early into my pregnancy I was certain I had lost the pregnancy and spent most of the weekend in my hotel room crying and looking forward to getting home to see my OB. I did venture out once and I have the same exact sad look on my face posed in front of the same fountain as you did in your slide show. Thankfully, when I got home and went straight to the doctor, the ultrasound revealed that everything was okay with the baby, eventhough the bleeding continued throughout the entire first trimester. That's the only pregnancy I experienced somthing like that. We often say though how we should do Vegas again under better circumstances. Hope you have a care-free, romantic trip.
Posted by Blogger The Rooneys :  March 14, 2008

Will Nate be spending quality time with grandparents? You know, you could drop by here and leave him with us!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  March 15, 2008


Have fun, enjoy each other, and have as much sex as you can.


Posted by Anonymous Angella :  March 15, 2008

Have fun!
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  March 16, 2008

I hope that you have a MUCH better time in Vegas this time around!!
Posted by Blogger Tiffany Rose :  March 16, 2008

Hope you have a great trip this time. My parents live about an hour and a half away from Vegas so we go all the time and I never get sick of it. That's also where my husband and I went when we left Boston for the first and only time over night and it was so much fun staying up late and sleeping in and just being together although I kissed his cheeks a thousand times when we got back! (I assume you aren't taking Nate?) Have fun!!

Oh my goodness, yes, yes, of course, Nate will be staying with Grandparents while we're in Vegas, despite how much he would enjoy the topless shows, I'm sure.
Posted by Blogger karla :  March 17, 2008

The Bellagio! We got married there! Have a wonderful time!


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