Uphill both ways
by Karla ° Wednesday, April 30, 2008
My parents came to visit last weekend, and as much as I love the actual visiting part, I really love that my mom takes over diaper duty when she’s here. Also pretty awesome is the free babysitting. Last weekend, Mark and I took full advantage of having my parents around and went out for some adult fun and consumption of draught beer under the yellow haze of an afternoon sun.

We decided to ride our bikes the two miles to sit on a sun-drenched patio and after putting on a pair of low-rise bootcut jeans, clear lip gloss and coating my lashes in a luxe finish mascara, I declared myself ready. But Mark was all, “Where is your helmet?” And I was all, “But I don’t want helmet head.” And then Mark got all Mr. Safety on me and insisted we wear helmets, which I suppose is justifiable on account of it being the law, and also on account of the fact that my belly would be filled with beer which could quite possibly shift my center of gravity off balance. Not that I'm speaking from past experience or anything.

To help offload some weight, I decided not to bring my giant diaper-stuffed mom purse and enlisted the help of Mark’s pockets to carry a few things for me. So there we were, all decked out in our bicycle helmets, Mark’s pockets bulging with my lady things and barely out of the driveway when a flared pant leg got caught in my bicycle chain. And do you know what I did? I became the epitome of hip and cool and tucked my jeans into my argyle-patterned socks and rode the entire uphill bike ride along the main road in town to the pub like that.

Once we got there, we passed the time holding hands on top of a faux granite-topped table and laughing heartily under the tilted cover of an oversized umbrella until the sun changed its path in the sky and it was time to tuck my pants into my socks again and leave. And I am not even kidding; the entire ride home was all uphill, too.

Seriously, when Nate gets older and starts complaining about how tough life is, I’ll have no problem telling him about how many fashion laws I had to break back in the day while riding my bike uphill both ways just to spend an entire afternoon consuming alcohol.

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I'm glad you guys had a great time together, even though it did involve an uphill cycle ~ both ways!
I could probably pedal uphill too, with the promise of a beer at the top:) Yum.

Love Amanda x
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  April 30, 2008

Sounds like you guys had a real nice time ~ glad you got some time to relax together ~ and drink beer of course!!!!
Sounds like quite a bike ride ~ you with your jeans tucked in your socks and Mark with your 'lady things' in his pockets!!!!!
Glad you are ok, have been checking your blog and wondering where you had gone!!!!
Love and hugs
Tabitha X
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  April 30, 2008

You are fhilarious.

It's a hard life, isn't it?

I resisted the helmet years, but ever since Jade was born it seems like a no-brainer. (No pun intended.) I even have my staunchly anti-helmet hubby wearing one, too. Jade wears one when she's in the bike stroller so it would be hypocritical for us not to wear them. Fortunately, the tide has turned since I was a kid and it seems almost every biker has one on these days, so it's not like we stand out.

As for the pant legs, I struggled with this, tucking pants into socks, and then improvising with elastic bands. Since there was some time last summer where we were car-less and biking was the modus operandi, I invested about 5 bucks into some velcro-strapped fluorescent pants-holder-in-thingies from the bike shop. They're HAWT, let me tell you. But they get the job done. ;)

BTW, did you ever decided on a jogging stroller / bike trailer?
Posted by Anonymous Fawn :  April 30, 2008

But Karla! What kind of beer?? Don't leave out the important details.
(We were on vacation at Rice lake a few years ago and I fell in love with the beer store. Beer! on a conveyor belt! You crafty Canucks have a few tricks to teach us)
Posted by Blogger Jill :  May 01, 2008

Hi Fawn. Yup, we ended up buying a jogging stroller with a fixed wheel. I've been out with it almost every day, and it's quite awesome. Nate really enjoys it, and oddly enough, it still feels a lot like me time.

Hey Jill. Gee, I never really thought about our beer being on a conveyor belt one way or another, but you're right, that is pretty different eh? As for the pub, I usually enjoy Stella beer, but this time Mark and I sipped on some good old budweiser.
Posted by Blogger karla :  May 01, 2008

this post was absolutely hilarious!

loved it.
Posted by Blogger joyce :  May 01, 2008

You've been tagged!!! Go to my blog to see what to do.....

I think you'd be good at this lol


This post made me smile :)
I have SO tucked my pants into my socks for various reasons.
It doesn't look THAT bad, right??
I'm glad you had a nice time with your man!!
Posted by Blogger Liana :  May 02, 2008

That was a great visual! You crack me up.

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful afternoon, even if it was uphill both ways :)
Posted by Anonymous Angella :  May 03, 2008

Hey, there's nothing wrong with tucking your pants into your socks. It's tucking your shirt into your socks that's frowned upon.

I don´t understand !!??

Alchohol ? What´s that ? I can´t remember. And what is this free time with husband ?? Vaguely recall it´s what got me into my current situation , but again can´t quite remember it´s been so long ;)

sounds like you guys had great fun,

Disa (a stranger and mother of twin toddlers :))
Posted by Blogger Asdis :  May 04, 2008

Posted by Anonymous Susan :  May 05, 2008

Its been so long since I had time alone with Hotty Hubby and some booze that I had to read your post twice to figure out what you were talking about. Foreign concept!

This was a funny post. Wear your helmet!!
Posted by Anonymous MadWomanMeg :  May 05, 2008


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