by Karla ° Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Seven nights, two hotels, several wickedly awesome shows and three time zones later, we’re home. Mostly just in body though, because my spirit is still perched on a sun-warmed chaise and resting inside a billowy pool cabana.

I gambled zero dollars, slept from here to infinity and back again in a bed that completely devoured me in its comfort, and spent the entire time trying to understand why a muffin the size of my head costs the same amount of money as one perfectly polished red apple.

All that unnecessary thinking while on vacation is probably why I may need a day or two to figure out how my son grew several inches and seemingly left toddlerhood behind while we were gone. It also must be why I can't seem to remember how to tap into the writing center of my brain, but feel free to check out a few of my incredibly typical vacation photos while some serious recuperating takes place here at chez Cadeau.


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The photos are great ~ so glad that you had a fantstic time!!
Relax and enjoy being home.
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  June 18, 2008

Your photos are stunning! I can feel it being zapped into that nice warm beach. I like the feeling of idly lying on the sun. :)

Sigh we'd love a vacation too. I miss the beach.

Hmmm...for now, do recuperate and relax. You do still have a day or two to think not of chores.

Have a great week ahead of you.
Posted by Anonymous Yvie :  June 18, 2008

It sounds like you both had a fantastic time in Vegas! But i bet it's nice to get home to see Nate.
Love the photos too!
Love Amanda x
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  June 19, 2008

Those photos are the closest I'm getting to vacation these days ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog today.
Posted by Blogger ThatGirl :  June 20, 2008


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