What happened in Vegas
by Karla ° Friday, June 20, 2008
I was so born in the wrong climate region. Even at 40°C (105°F), the dry desert heat was sheer bliss. We keep telling our families that we're going to move somewhere warm because we don't like the freezing cold Canadian winters and breath-hindering high humidity-soaked summers, and they’re all, oh, you would miss the snow eventually. And I’m all, yeah, that’s exactly what I’ll be thinking about when I’m 60 and lying on a beach somewhere not perpetually encased in a stiff snow suit and shivering in sub zero temperatures.

We didn’t end up staying up all night like we thought we would. After a couple of drinks with dinner I’d pretty much fall asleep in my salad plate. I’m still trying to figure out if that’s nature's way of protecting sleep starved parents or if it’s because I spent the day drinking my body weight in alcohol at the pool.

I’m not sure how he managed to muster the energy, but while I slept, Mark would rise with the sun and go jogging along the strip in the morning. One day, because half the people in Vegas have not gone to bed by 6:00 a.m., Mark passed a group of young guys who were still out partying and when they saw him running they were all, dude, are you seriously jogging? And Mark was all, no man, I’m just trying to hurry back to the hotel before my wife wakes up and realizes I’ve been gone all night.

In all seriousness though, this trip was hands down the best vacation we’ve ever had. Better than our honeymoon even. This was our first vacation that did not involve awkward disagreements around procreation sex or fleeting attempts to escape the devastation of loss.

This time around was nothing but laid back fun in the sun, mind-blowing entertainment and hand holding under twilight skies. And everything else that happened in Vegas will stay between me and Mark and the privacy-enhancing tinted glass of a floor to ceiling window.

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Sounds like the trip was so relaxing and just what you both needed. And i'm sure you will both feel the benefit of the time away together.
Love Amanda xx
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  June 20, 2008

Mark's comment is hilarious.

Your vacation sounds absolutely perfect. I am SO glad it was better than you imagined.

You deserve that. And more.

Posted by Anonymous Angella :  June 20, 2008

I hear ya on being born in the wrong climate! I love Canada, but it's TOO COLD!

Glad you had an awesome trip!
Posted by OpenID songsinblue :  June 20, 2008

Wow ~ Vegas looks so great, I would just love to go there oneday!! maybe by the time I am 60I will have saved enough ha ha!!!
So pleased that you had a great time!!
love and hugs ~ tabitha XX
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  June 20, 2008

There is NO way I could live in the snow. Kara and I went for a 4 day snow trip last year and we both just wanted to watch dvds in the hotel room ~ it was too cold lmao.

Seriously though, I am so glad you both had a great time without any pressure. So so so glad...


yay for you guys. While Vegas isn't my style, I'm now rethinking that based on this post. I think that every set of parents should get a 1 week holiday somehow (maybe the gov't should pay?!!) to recharge, rediscover and reconnect. You guys are setting the trend.
Posted by Blogger Mama T :  June 21, 2008

I'm so happy for you. That's a great view.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  June 21, 2008

Glad you had such a good time. A satisfying vacation is one of life's greatest gifts!

So glad you guys had fun. Like I've mentioned before I'm a bit partial towards Vegas. I love it and we would love to move just outside of there someday to escape the fridgid winters of Salt Lake City. I don't think I would ever miss the snow. Ever. Go Mark for getting up and jogging, that's pretty ambitious! I also found though on our last trip to Vegas that we went to bed earlier than we thought we would. Life just isn't the same after the sleep deprivation that children brings. We take any chance we can to catch some zzzzz's.

i love it hot! hot! hot!
i sooo live in the wrong place...
Posted by Blogger Ali :  June 27, 2008


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