Ribbons and puppy dog tails
by Karla ° Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Last week, on a spur of the moment decision, Mark and I decided to pack up the family and escape these suburban hollows for a couple of days to a place where one can sit in the sombre-hued shadows of dusk and watch an orange and vermillion sun set over evening-stilled water and wake up to a lively orchestrated symphony of cooing doves.

This is also where both Mark and I grew up, but it's now better known as Grandparent Territory.

Mark and I had plans to let Nate visit both sets of Grandparents while we spent some quality time together embarking on long heart-pounding runs with Samson through heavily wooded trails infused with the scent of lingering woody-amber pine while fluttering folds in the tree-lined ceiling above softly illuminates the deep forest in a romantic glow.

This all would have worked out perfectly had I not forgot my running shoes.

One morning, while Mark was off connecting with his athletic self and the rustle of Nate’s delight-infused giggles were nothing but an distant echo, I decide to spend some time alone and indulged in the soul-soothing amenities of my parent’s backyard, which includes a hot tub, pool, and the expansive reach of impeccably maintained gardens and lush cotton green grass.

And although I would have much preferred to be able to lace up my running shoes and join Mark, I have to admit, this was about as close to bliss-filled outdoor solitude as it gets because I have to share my tiny backyard with a great big giant dog that is half lab and half crazy. And to put it into perspective, the lushness of my yard is directly proportional to number of times a day that Samson a) excavates invisible bones, b) completes an entire marathon worth of lawn demolishing concentric circles of stupidity, c) pisses on the lawn, and d) shits on the lawn.

In a flawless world filled with of ribbons and puppy dog tails, Samson would be the perfect combination of enduring loyalty and enamoured puppy dog love topped with gossamer mousseline folds of yellow fur, but most days he’s just a handful of toddler-shoving, food-snatching and cat-chasing naughtiness a mere whiskers length away from the glue factory.

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Glad that you had a good time Karla ~ sounds great!!
I have this image in my head now of samson racing around your back yard ~ like one of those cartoon characters ~ causing chaos ha ha !!
love and hugs XXX
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  August 13, 2008

After making sure everybody else has everything they need, it isn't surprising you would forget something of your own. Isn't that how it always is?
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  August 14, 2008

I bet it was nice just to have a minute of solitude. I know I cherish them anymore!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  August 16, 2008


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