Hypothetically speaking
by Karla ° Sunday, September 7, 2008
If I was a man, and I had a penis, then I just bought an extension for it.


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Such an awesome lens. It is superb.
Posted by Blogger kirida :  September 07, 2008

I already said so on Flickr, but you will LOVE what this lens can do.
Posted by Anonymous Angella :  September 07, 2008

tea just came out my nose from laughing at your post.
Too funny
Posted by Anonymous canadiantania :  September 07, 2008

You will take even better pictures now, if thats possible ~ your pictures are great!
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  September 08, 2008

WOOO! Go enjoy that new lens smell (like new car smell, but better)! I kid, I kid. Er, sort of.

i almost choked i laughed so hard when I read this
Posted by Blogger rachael :  September 09, 2008

I can confirm that, indeed this is an awesome lens, as I have one myself. Two hints that I learned using this lens....

1) If you don't have a separate flash, get one. The built in flash on most cameras will produce a shadow with this lens if the lens is fully extended.

2) This lens is great for low light photographs sans flash (as you probably already know), just don't forget that you can also adjust ISO speed to get REALLY low light photographs as well. (I always forget that for some reason).

Enjoy shooting....


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