It's all about The Compromise
by Karla ° Friday, September 26, 2008
I never really got to finish the story of our five-year anniversary celebratory weekend sans toddler. It started with me spending the entire day Friday scrubbing this house from top to bottom. Somewhere in between scrubbing toilets and folding man socks, I got my hair did. The last time my hair saw the shears of a stylist was over nine months ago. Christmas of 2007, to be exact. I’ve been waiting, ok fine, procrastinating nine long months for this haircut, so even though Mark was hoping to come home to a lingerie-clad wife ready for a romp in bed, humans are able to gestate and birth their offspring faster than I get to the salon and you can bet your sweet ass I didn’t want to ruin my hair for a quickie. God, like, as if. Instead, I put on a super low cut shirt and while waiting for Mark to get home from work, I shampooed the carpets in my sexy mom van. Hot, I know. And because I am all about The Compromise, I left a cold bottle of beer on the hood of the van for Mark when he got home.

We cooked the most delish dinner I’ve eaten in months. Unfortunately Mark hated it, but whatev. I wanted to eat something grown up-ish for a change. Too bad that Mark thinks vegetables taste stupid. This reminds me of the last time I asked him bring me home a vanilla soy latte with no foam from Starbucks. He told that my request undermined his ability to be a heterosexual man and that I might as well be asking him to place an order for a great big giant froufrou rainbow.

We had a wild and crazy night doing all the kinky things that married couples with kids crave. Sleep. And after sleeping for 11 hours straight, that’s right, 11 glorious hours of coma-like uninterrupted sleep, my muscles came thisclose to completely atrophying.

We woke up the next day and set out for a mid-morning hike. After following the path for a while, Mark wanted to try my new Canon EF 24-70mm L USM f/2.8 lens, and I hemmed and hawed about it, because we all know what kind of pictures the man takes, but I made him promise that he had to take interesting pictures of nature-y things that did not include my ass. I have to hand it to him, he tried, he really did. He just needs to work on his angles. And by angles, I mean pointing the camera 180 degrees away from my ass.

And this is exactly what makes us such a perfect couple. He wants sex all the time, and I want him to pick up his fucking socks all the time. It’s a good thing we’re all about The Compromise, because if one of us always got our way, we’d either end up with like 400 kids, or, gasp, a clean house.

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Ah sleep ~ it's nice to get that once and a while!
Your hike looks great and the weather looks wonderful.
BTW ~ your haircut is looking nice!
It's sounds like you both had a great anniversary.
Hope little Nate is alright now:)
Amanda x
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  September 27, 2008

Nice ass!
Posted by Blogger Julia :  September 27, 2008

Not to sound all creepy or anything but as man who enjoys your blog, your ass is SMOKING!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  September 27, 2008

really nice lookin'...and nice to understand nate feels better!

Posted by Blogger himy :  September 27, 2008

What a great post. Made me smile.

And what a cute teeny little butt you have Karla! That's no regular big ole Mom butt, no sir. Not to get all Lindsay Lohan on you, but I can see why Mark has trouble keeping his view finder off of it! :)
Posted by Blogger Kristin :  September 27, 2008


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