Untangling Knots
by Karla ° Wednesday, September 10, 2008
If things have seemed rather quiet on the posting front lately, it’s all been for a good reason.


Haha. Just kidding. We all know that you can’t make something out of nothing. This totally explains why I’m such a terrible cook. My fridge is always in a state of perpetual recipe-sabotaging hollowness.

Behind the scenes though, things have been busy. It all started a few weeks back when Mark mentioned that he wanted to get back into blogging. And I was all “Really? What would you write about? Because my readers already know that our home is littered with your stinky socks and that you like to throw your dirty underwear at my head.” And Mark was all, “Maybe I’ll do a live video blog in the nude.” And then I got all excited because just think about all the laundry I wouldn’t have to do. In the end we compromised on a fitness blog because his journey from fat to fit has not been an easy one.

Blogging is such a strange thing, isn’t it? We can live on opposite sides of the world, and yet there is still this unmistakable sense of community. It’s a place full of honest and true friendships, support, validation and acceptance. I'm constantly inspired and moved by the stories and creativity expressed on this online collective, and, wanting to build on that sense of community, have brought together a small but ever growing group of talented writers to share their experiences in this amazing journey called life.

Authored by a first time father and funny man extraordinaire Rich, Untangling Fatherhood shines a spotlight on the adventures of family from a man’s perspective, and over at Untangling Relationships, Dawn dishes the dirt about starting a new life in a new city and the juggling act of maintaining the relationships she left behind while trying to build new ones, which you know, means she gets to do things like date three guys at the same time.

And then there’s Untangling Fitness. Although a total nudist at heart, I’ve forbidden my perpetually sarcastic and in shape husband from posting any pictures that resemble, expressed or implied, full frontal nudity, including, but not limited to, suggestive photos of me struggling to pull one of those stupid effing wrappers off of a cucumber. Seriously. Go ahead and try and convince me that plastic-wrapped nuisance doesn’t hail from a failed condom campaign of testosterone-infused wishful thinking.

In the weeks to come even more fabulous bloggers will be featured, but in the meantime I’ve added all these new sites to my feed reader and I hope their stories will entertain and inspire you as much as they do me.
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Hi Karla!

It's funny, I've been reading your blog for several months now. And it was funny because my youngest sister and her husband stayed at the Bellagio on their honeymoon at the exact same time you and your husband were there! And I was all If I had been there, and I had seen you, I would have wanted to say hi as though we had been friends all along. And you would have had no idea who I was. It's funny this internet world. Keep blogging, you always make me laugh out loud at my desk! People probably wonder why I'm not working as I should be. Your internet friend, Jenny - Denver, CO
Posted by Blogger Jenny :  September 11, 2008

I almost spit my Diet Pepsi all over my computer after reading the 1st few sentances!!!
Good to see hubby blogging too!
As i'm trying to lose weight and get fit, i will check his blog out.
Amanda xxxx
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  September 11, 2008

I will go and check out the other untangling blogs ~ they sound great.
love and hugs XXX
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  September 11, 2008


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