by Karla ° Tuesday, March 10, 2009
While grocery shopping yesterday I was amazed to discovered that cock soup was on sale – a whole 10 cents off.

I actually had to do a double take because I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I mean, wow, who knew that delicious flavoured cock is like totally available on the grocery store shelf to bring home to savour and enjoy. Or, seriously, why not add a package of cock to your lunch to take to work? Go ahead and try and tell me that wouldn’t satisfy your afternoon craving for something salty.

Anyway, I grabbed the package of cock and had a good hard look at its contents. Apparently you just need to add water and be sure not to overbeat. Serve alone or with a side dish, like meatballs.

I’m telling you straight up, at only $0.69, I could afford to afford to eat a hearty bowl of cock flavoured soup for months and months, if you know, I swallowed meat.


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OMG!!!! Now I have seen it all ha ha !!!
I can't say that I have ever seen that yummy sounding Cock soup over here in the UK!!!
Must keep an eye out for it though tee hee!!
Thanks for the laugh ~ just what I needed!!
Love and hugs Tab XXX
Posted by Anonymous Tabitha :  March 10, 2009

You take your camera to the grocery store with you?
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  March 10, 2009

omg, I certainly hope my camera doesn't take low quality pictures like this. This pic is from my phone.
Posted by Blogger karla :  March 10, 2009

This is spectacular. Did Mark try it?
Posted by Blogger Hilary :  March 10, 2009

HA! What I wouldn't give to tell my In-laws we are having Cock Soup for dinner. I bet that stuff is a hard nut to swallow!

You are so funny- thanks for making my day!
Posted by Anonymous Kate W. :  March 10, 2009

Hahahaha!! that is so Hilarious. COCK soup! Its good soup.. =0
what I thought was funny to... it has my name right in front of it, GRACE LOL. Thanks for sharing that with us all that really made my day.

cock in a box...well i never!!

Pretty funny. Tell us how you enjoyed your cock soup?!!!
Posted by Blogger Spellbound :  March 10, 2009

whoever marketed that had a blast with it!

Oh my Oh my!
Next time i visit Canada i must take an empty suitcase with me and stock up on Cock Soup and have a huge cock soup dinner party when i get home! lol!!
Thanks for the laugh :D
Amanda x
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  March 11, 2009

Posted by Anonymous CM :  March 17, 2009

you should send this to that FAIL website,
as it really is a big failure!
Posted by Blogger Mama T :  March 20, 2009

Is it hard to make? sounds bit hard to swallow but where else could girl pick-up instant cock for 69 cents count me in.
Posted by Anonymous Antoinette (Toni) :  April 17, 2009


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