by Karla ° Friday, May 15, 2009
We’re home and first and foremost, thank you dearly for all your kindness. I swear your words and well wishes were sanity savers during our stay at the hospital. What the hell did humanity do before smart phones?

Nate, I think, lost five pounds from his already tiny 23 lb frame not eating the hospital food they fed him and I can’t blame him because seriously, roast beef and mushy beans? Go ahead and find a two year old that will eat that. Or boiled chicken. Or fish. COME ON.

Oh, also, they didn’t even feed the parent chained in isolation to the child so I haven’t eaten in days and days and I've lost a shit load of weight and for the love of Pete, is a cup of coffee really not in the health care budget Canada? Really? Cause I've had a pretty shitty caffeine withdrawal headache for days now.

Sigh, I digress. I’m just 150,000% relieved to not be confined in a bed with a toddler attached to IV wires who does not understand the concept of REST. As in like, stop trying to nosedive off the bed and rip out your IV, dude.

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I am so glad you guys are home. I have been thinking of you all.

So glad you are home! (Amanda from Tumble Dry from her work account)

I missed the whole thing, so I'm just now reading about this at the conclusion. I'm sorry for all you had to go through. It sounds like a hellacious experience. I'm so glad he's feeling better.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  May 15, 2009

Sweet boy! don't they have a "kids menu" at the hospital? geez!
Posted by OpenID jedichic07 :  May 15, 2009

Thank goodness you are all home now and on the mend! Now go eat a sandwich and lots of cookies!
Posted by Blogger Stephanie :  May 16, 2009

Karla, I am so glad that Nate is back home ~ and you too!
I'm sure he will put all that weight back on now he's at home.
And be up to his usual mischief!!
Amanda x
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  May 16, 2009

Only 23 pounds @ 2.5 years? How tall is he?
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 16, 2009

He looks so very vulnerable! Glad you're home.
Posted by Blogger Heather Plett :  May 17, 2009

What a heartbreaking picture! Sweet little Nate!!! Happy to hear you're home and both of you are back on the mend. Go eat something! ;-)
Posted by Anonymous Nicki in NC :  May 18, 2009

I just wrote crazy to your top post. I write it again.

Posted by Blogger Anvilcloud :  May 20, 2009

Wow, I apparently have been missing for a while. Poor, poor Nate...and you, too. I'm so glad everything's alright. Pneumonia ain't funny, that's for sure...well, except for the spelling...that's pretty funny, you know, in the odd funny kinda way...

Anyway, congrats on your new diet idea. I guess I'll just have to stay fat, b/c I don't know if the whole "pneumonia stay in the hospital" approach is for me.
Posted by Blogger Christi :  May 25, 2009

Poor little guy!
Posted by Blogger Bastet11 :  May 27, 2009


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