Even Philosophers Needs Toys
by Karla ° Thursday, March 29, 2007
When I was a little kidlet I loved Easter. But not because I got to stuff my face with chocolate, oh no, I loved Easter because it was one of the three times a year that my parents spoiled me, with Christmas and not flunking school being the other two.

But now that I am all grown up and have a baby, it’s not all about me anymore and now my mom wants to spoil Nate.

She asked me the other day what he wants for Easter. And you know what? I don’t know what he wants for Easter. He doesn’t do much of much right now. He likes to swat at stuff, and pull my hair, and basically stares at the wall all day and, oh I don’t know, ponders life I guess.

But, even philosophers’ need toys, so my question is, what would you recommend for a three month old baby, so you know, he doesn’t have to spend all his time thinking?

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I have to tell you that we got our daughter the Mozart Magic Cube and she played with it until her sister arrived. Now she bats her sister around. That thing was incredible, in 26 months we have never changed the batteries, it has been thrown downstairs, chewed, beat with a stick and much, much more. The music isn't annoying, or at least not as annoying as some of the other stuff. It is so easy to take with you and really is a great toy. It's $29.99 at TARGET and worth every penny.

Good luck!
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  March 29, 2007

Leap Frog stuff is very educational and entertaining!!

I too love the baby einstein stuff.

Tiny Love stuffed animal with the crinkly stuff inside would be great for this age too!!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  March 29, 2007

Well, this might just give him more to think about but I have found some board books that both my girls responded to at about 3-4 months. Being a librarian, this was very important to me. They are Amazing Babies and our favourite is Baby Boo although Twinkle Twinkle is a close second.
Posted by Blogger Mama T :  March 29, 2007

first i just wanted to tell you, I made it through the night with no morning sickness. Go me. Second. I'm a fan of the thought that three month olds are to young for educational stuff, its all about fun. I got Brandon some really fun little rattles. One was a circle made of plastic that had a really soft elephant or other animal attached by all four paws. He loved it during teething, and also because the circle gave him plenty of places to grab it, or grab with both hands. Actually I found one on ebay it was called a Carter's Blue Hippo Hanging Rattle Toy. I got all 4 of mine at Babies R Us and Brandon just loved em.. I'll send you the link on your emails o you can check it out and see if there is somewhere near you that has them, plus they can hook to his carseat or swing or play yard. That is another great idea, car seat dangly toys and new play yard toys. I got the baby gymini play mat thingy and brandon way loved it. There were mirrors, and squeakers and dangly toys. Then I would put brandon on there with his mini boppy and he would just play for hours.

I was going to say rattles and things that make noise or move or light up would be good. He might be a teensy bit young for the Mozart Cube, but he will definitely grow into it. And, I agree that the Cube is awesome, my son managed to break it within six months. Sigh.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  March 29, 2007

Electronic toys for three-month-olds...? Eeps. Sorry, but NO, thank you.

I would go with board books with simple, colorful pictures or even with baby faces and the most important of all: baby MIRRORS. Prop up books and mirrors around Nate during tummy time and he will love looking at himself and at pictures! =D
Posted by Anonymous Keri :  March 29, 2007

Baby clothes. You can always use more baby clothes. Babies this young don't care about toys. And besides, he's not old enough to remember anyways.
Posted by Blogger Christy :  March 29, 2007

Karla, I tell no lies about the bugs in cereal. In fact, there is an FDA regulation that states that
Defect Action Levels:
WHEAT FLOUR - Average of 75 or more insect fragments per 50 grams. Average of 1 or more rodent hairs per 50 grams
CORNMEAL - Average of 1 or more whole insects (or equivalent) per 50 grams. Average of 25 or more insect fragments per 25 grams. Average of 1 or more rodent hairs per 25 grams, or average of 1 or more rodent excreta fragment per 50 grams.

I read about this, so I asked around. I had a friend who found eggs in his cereal, and another who had weevles hatch out of his maccaroni box. soooo. being that i am also a vegetarian, i prefer not to eat bug legs and rodent hairs....enjoy your breakfast everyone.

Frequent reader, first time poster...with sage advice. Nate wants a family membership to the zoo in your town (Wherever, USA)...renewable every Easter. It is the single best gift my kids have ever received. We head to the zoo at every opportunity...pack a lunch, a snack...whatever. Sometimes we just go for a stroll around our favorite exhibits, sometimes we pack their bathing suits and we spend hours in the zoo/man-made stream. Always interesting, always fun...great place to walk, sit and watch! My son is 8, my twin girls are 4.5...and all THREE are always ready to head to the zoo. Once you have a membership, it's the cheapest entertainment around town!! Have fun and happy Easter!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  March 29, 2007

Almost forgot...most zoos have reciprocal memberships...meaning you can travel just about anywhere in the US and get into any zoo for FREE.
Crossing my fingers you get a zoo membership (your mom ROCKS if you do!!).
Posted by Anonymous Martine :  March 29, 2007

I like the zoo idea.

Also, he might want babysitting while his mom goes to the spa.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  March 30, 2007

My son loved any baby Einstien video. He especially loved the baby Monet one, and they are ranked by age. So happy easter!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  March 30, 2007

Not to shoot down the zoo idea, but we got a season pass to the zoo when TJ was not quite 2, and he got pretty much nothing out of it. When we went back at three he loved it, but...

I'm liking the books idea. I got Cole bunny ears, but that's more for my enjoyment than his. Of course, when I put them on him in the store he quite enjoyed chewing on them! Also, if she's looking for an excuse to buy him stuff, do take advantage of asking for toys he can use in the near future.

Of course, at our house, Easter is about Easter crap. We get stuffed animals they'll never bother with again, baskets that we'll replace the next year, and toys and candy specifically themed with bunnies and chickadees and the like. I am probably going to get Cole a little bunny rattle or something he can chew on to go w/his bunny ears.
Posted by Blogger Christi :  March 30, 2007

How about something like this...


If you don't have one, I think Nate would love it. My son loved his and played with it for a long time!! You can add more nifty toys for Nate to swat at!!
Posted by Anonymous Candi :  March 30, 2007

ohhh I love the zoo idea!!

Other than that I was going to say books, you know the soft chewy kind :)

It's hard at 3 months, so anything colorful and soft would be my suggestion.
Posted by Blogger Melanie :  March 30, 2007

OMG that flicker photo of Mark and Nate might be the cutest thing I have ever ever ever seen. I love it. They do look a ton alike.

The zoo membership is a wonderful idea, though you might want to hold off on that for an idea for next Easter? We bought one for my son, his girl and daughter (age 2) on her bday last September and it has been the best $ I've spent.

The colorful cardboard books are something you can't go wrong with. Holding him on your lap and turning the pages will give him new things to look at.

Summer clothing are also something that you can't have enough of. My in laws always gave my kids an outfit or two each Easter when they were young. I'm doing the same for my granddaughter.

I also have to second the love for Leap Frog toys. They're the bomb!
Posted by Blogger Poppy :  March 30, 2007


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