Frazzled Mom Seeking Sound Advice
by Karla ° Tuesday, May 22, 2007
We are currently in the market for:

1. A car seat
2. A hight chair
3. A jogging stroller
4. A life that involves more than 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep

I have been checking out reviews and safety information online for our next car seat and keep reading over and over again how great the Britax Marathon is, but is it worth the money?

Or do you have any other recommendations? Nate’s current seat is only good to 20lbs.

And what is with the billion different types of high chairs to choose from? Besides lame patterns that match nothing I own or ever plan to own because my house is not modelled after a Scotsman's kilt, they all look the same. Are there any features in particular that I should be looking for?

Because of the two items above, that leaves the budget for a jogging stroller a little tight. So no Bob Ironman for me. But seriously, will a Walmart cheapy do? Or is a more high end jogging stroller really worth the investment?

And finally, Samson has offered a big slobbery dog kiss to anyone who has a solution to number 4 because he is finding his lack of beauty rest seriously distressing.

See those big blue eyes? They remain open like that all night long too!

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If it were me, I'd go and LOOK/FEEL the carseats, find one that fits well in the vehicle it will be used in. I would also be looking in the $100 range (US dollars). I did't like the walmart carseats, they felt cheap. I didn't see what the hoopla was about the expensive ones were. I would splurge and get a good jogging stroller (if i actually jogged--hahaha). Trust me, you don't want a cheap stroller which has cheesy wheels---you'll regret it later. You want one that is good and sturdy, easy to steer etc. Highchairs must be easy to clean. Currently we're using my husband's old wooden one.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 23, 2007

We have this car seat: and love it. I don't know what the law is in Canada about rear facing, but this one covers it all.

Highchairs must be easy to clean. Ours has a fabric cover that has to be washed and then hung to dry and that's just a pain in the butt.

I'd definately splurge and get the sturdiest four wheel drive stroller you can find (and afford). Or the best jogging stoller you can afford.

As for the sleeping, have you tried white noise? That worked for both my girls. (knock wood) You don't have to buy a fancy machine, just turn a fan on. Puts Gracie out like a light.

Good luck!
Posted by Anonymous Daren :  May 23, 2007

Britax are top of the line carseats, but I am not for top of the line things. I worked at Babies R Us and one carset that was a great seller was the Alpha Omega, I think it is by Evenflo. Personally I bought what was on sale. But feel the padding, you can tell whne it won't be comfortable. Alpha Omega is a really nice car seat,comfy, secure, sturdy. My Aunt and Uncle use them for all 3 of their kids.

High chairs. I went wil one ofthose booster seats instead of a high chair for Ethan, it straps to a chair, it doesn't take much room, there is a pad for behind their back, but the bottom where thier butt goes is plastic (EASY CLEAN to clean!!) The pad is very easy to remove and through in the washer.
It has differnt height adjustments and reclines for when baby can't sit all by himself. I love it, and probably wouldn't go back to a high chair. I have on by The First Years, Eddie Bauer has a nice looking wood one (no funky pattern!)

And I have no idea about joggin strollers, but I am sure just as with regular strollers don't go cheap!

Hope I helped!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  May 23, 2007

No personal experience, but think IKEA Antilop high chair will blend in any home and looks pretty easy to clean!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 23, 2007

Eyes like that should see and be seen. :)
Posted by Blogger Anvilcloud :  May 23, 2007

when we got our car seat installed by the police they recommended the next one we get is the eddie bauer, they told me that britax is a good seat but one of the hardest to install properly and mostly are installed wrong.

i will loook when i go to the car next which model it is.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 23, 2007

My sister has the Britax carseat and loves it. She's now using it for baby #2.
The best thing to do it o test out the carseats in your car and with Nate. He might not like the Britax or it might not fit in your car. Some babies r us will let you take the carseat to your car and see if it will fit - of course a someone from babies r us will help you.

As far as high chairs, I love my high chair. It is the best thing ever. The seat reclines, the arms recline, the tray is dishwasher safe, the fabric can be wiped off, and it converts to a booster seat.
And it's inexpensive and portable!
Posted by Blogger Elizabeth :  May 23, 2007

Okay as far as carseats. no wait i'm going to email you so i can inlude links

We just bought our son the Britax Roundabout car seat. He was growing out of his other one and I could tell he just wasn't comfortable in it anymore. We felt the additional saftey features made it worth the extra money. We also thought it was much more comfortable than the other brands and if we are in for some traveling this summer we want him to be comfortable..Jaxson seems to really like it (hasn't cried when we put him in it, when he use to cry everytime we put him in his old one).
Posted by Anonymous Tara :  May 23, 2007

I wouldn't buy the Britax, ones for around 100 are just as good. We used an Evenflo that got great reviews on eOpinion, and since it has been a while, I would check that site out and see what they are saying about the newer models.

As far as the jogging stroller, have you checked out craigslist or something similar for your area? I would go higher end for something like that, and buying a nice used one might be the way to go.

Highchairs definitely go for one that straps him in a five point harness and that can be cleaned easily.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  May 23, 2007

We went for the Britax. We actually got the Britax Boulevard (there goes our tax return money!) but we've been VERY happy with it. There hasn't been a moment where I've regretted the purchase. Liam is so comfortable in it, much more than he ever was in the Graco infant seat. It's also super easy to buckle him in there and the straps have NEVER twisted which is a huge plus in my book. We found it very easy to install, much easier than my older son's Alpha Omega. I was able to move it to a friend's car pretty easily and was confident I'd gotten it in securely. I found there was a lot less room for error in the installation which is a huge deal for me.

That said, I know some of the less expensive brands have some great car seats. It's a personal decision and we felt that for us, the money was more than worth it. Plus, we'll be using it for another child someday, we hope. ;)
Posted by Anonymous Marilyn :  May 23, 2007

That picture is awesome. He seems to be saying, "What? Me? Keep you awake? Never."
Posted by Blogger H :  May 23, 2007

Nate is such a cutie! For our son, we chose and loved:

*The Britax carseat. It's easy to install, the headrest adjusts nicely for long rides.

*Peg Perego Prima Pappa in Tan. I loved the design, it was simple and comfortable. I didn't need the bells and whistles for this, just something that would go with our dining room. My son didn't spend much time in it other than mealtimes

*No jogging stroller, but our stroller of choice was the Peg perego, Pliko P3. I still love it 2 years later!

* Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Kids by Marc Weissbluth. For the first 4 months, we were all walking around like zombies until this book was recommended. At 4 months, I managed to get Connor on a schedule and thankfully it has worked for us. I still finding my self referring to it.

I didn't do extendsive research on any of the items I bought, even though I did keep up with a list of recalled items. I pretty much went with my gut and what suited my child and budget. As long as it was good quality and safe, it worked for me. As for the book it became my bible of all parenting books. Good luck!
Posted by Blogger Shelliza :  May 23, 2007

Yes definatly ask the associate if you can try it out in your car, some smaller ars are hard to get seats to fit correctly, babies R us is good about this.
Posted by Blogger Donna :  May 23, 2007

We bought the Chicco highchair (, and we love has tons of features, and it folds up into this little flat thing...great for people with a small house like ours. You have to ask yourself whether you want a full size highchair, or a booster seat on an existing chair. We realized afterwards that we could have done with a booster seat, and it would have taken up less room. But whatever you buy HAS to have easy to clean tray(s), vinyl covered wipe-able/washable seat cover, etc.

I don't have a jogging stroller, so I can't help you with that one.

I do have both the Britax Roundabout (that's what Logan is in) and the Britax Marathon (Zander moved from the Roundabout up to the Marathon when Logan outgrew his carrier seat)...and I L-O-V-E them! I'm not a top-of-the line chick either...whatever gets the job and fits the budget is usually what I buy. But when it comes to car safety seats, we decided to buy whatever was deemed the safest...within a reasonable price.

We have a subscription to the Consumer's Reports website, so we searched for car seats. We found that the Britax out did most other seats in pretty much every category.

If you want to talk more about them, or if you would like me to send you the latest reviews from the Consumers Reports website, email me: I would be glad to help!
Posted by Blogger Cate :  May 23, 2007

We bought something a little more affordable than the Britax. I think it is an Alpha Omega (about $200)? I cheated though. I followed this male couple and their daughter around and looked on their sheet of research when they weren't looking. They were debating all the different seats so I bought the one they bought. Lazy?

High chairs? I think that the most important features would probably be: a removeable tray that can go in the dishwasher and something that you can operate with one hand.:)

I don't have an opinion on a jogging stroller as I just plain don't jog. :)

Good luck.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 23, 2007

Carseat - we have used our Britax Marathon for both girls and, like others say, it seems very comfortable and the straps don't twist. We've never had issues installing it though and I've even attending an installation class. We bought it b/c it rated highest in the safety tests, and when I see others, I feel like it's true. There is serious padding. I know close friends who bought the Eddie Bauer 3-in-1 made by Cosco. Warning about the Britax - it's pretty big and if Natester goes rear-facing and you have a compact car, it might be a struggle to fit it. Any decent store that sells a car seat should let you test it out for fit as many don't let you return them once purchased. Ours barely fit into our VW Golf rear-facing. We also kept Pippa in her infant carrier until she was one b/c she only weighed 16 lbs! One positive about the tiny baby.
High Chairs. The big plastic ones are a pain in the ass b/c they take up so much space and cause tired mums to trip over them and curse them endlessly. Booster seats for the chair are a great option b/c you then have a travel seat. If you want a really nice high chair that will last your Nate until he's a teen/tween, consider waiting to buy the Stokke chair when he's about 16-18 months. Clara adores hers and so do we. It's wood, comes in fab colours, stylish and fits right up to the table.
Jogging strollers. Hmm, depends how much you plan on running with it, really. If you intend to log good miles, it's worth buying something like a Chariot or the one put out by the Running Room for a couple of reasons. Weight is a factor and wheel quality too, if you intend to run much. But like someone else suggested, there are usually used ones on craigslist or even the MEC gear swap. Just make sure you test them by putting Nate in, on a flat stretch and gently push him and let go. Watch how it rolls. Those wheels can be trued but if they are bent from going up and down sidewalks etc. they're a bugger to replace and not cheap. We used a BabyTrend single jogger for the first 2 years of Clara's life and it went lots and lots of miles, through 5ks and even a half marathon but it was heavy and it always pulled to one side, which made me mental.
Sleeping through the night. Again, I'd suggest getting in touch with Kitty Raymond at . She saved our lives with Clara and reintroduced me to the land of the living (and sleeping). She does phone counseling as well as her ParentsNet "ask Kitty" feature. Email me if you want more info. benandtiff at
Mama T
Posted by Blogger Mama T :  May 23, 2007

Instep jogging stroller. They're some of the least expensive (mine was $56) and it's lightweight and lasts forever.

As for sleeping more than 3 hours--he might be waking just to "check in" with you. Take off the dirty stinky shirt you've worn all day and lay it over him. He'll smell you, think he's checking in, and keep sleeping until he actually needs to eat or be changed.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 23, 2007

High Chair: The very affordable Fisher Price Booster Seat with Tray (sold at Toys R Us in Canada). Can strap to any chair, but I recommend a chair with a wide base for safety. Very easy to clean and the tray is top rack dishwasher safe. You can take it with you to restaurants (avoid the germy restaurant ones) and to friends. Easy to store when Nate doesn't need it anymore.

Jogging Stroller: why not go 2nd hand? A lot of people buy them with good intentions, but many are underused therefore there are good deals out there for top line, hardly used jogging strollers. Take it to a bike shop for a tune up and you will be good to go. Check Craig's list or ask around friends.

Car Seat: We have Eddie Bauer (purchased at Sears). Its very solid and goes on sale for about $120.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 23, 2007

am i the only one on here saying visit CONSUMERREPORTS.COM and check real actual safety ratings, rather then buying car seat based on looks or comfort. last year when i got brandons the number one was the even flow triumph and as a plus it turned out to be sooooo comfy.

1. We have (and love) the Cosco Alpha Omega (available through Sears), which Today's Parent rated as one of the top 3-in-1 choices.

2. Personally, I am looking for a highchair with legs that fold in for storage and a tray that goes in the dishwasher for really cheap. Does that help?

3. All I know about jogging strollers is that if you are using it for jogging, you want it to be really light. If you are using it for every day, make sure the front wheel swivels (with an optional lock) for negotiating corners. The Shopping Bags did a feature on jogging strollers ( that was really interesting.

4. Ann Douglas' Sleep Solutions book is pretty good...
Posted by Blogger delphi :  May 23, 2007

I've considerd a Britax, but not sure it is right for us. Aside from its safety features, one thing people really like about it is the fact that it can go up to 65 pounds with the 5-point harness. I think that is important if you have a larger child. For instance, I have a friend whose 3 year old was out growing the 5-point harness on other car seats, so she opted for a Britax. They say it is safer to keep them in the 5-point harness for as long as you can. However, my 4.5 year old is only 30 pounds. If I used the Britax and kept him in the 5-point harness until 65 pounds, he'd probably be 10 years old!! As I say this, we are currently looking into carseats for Lucas. He is still in his infant carrier. It goes up to 30 pounds and 29 inches. He is only 15 pounds, but is 28.5 inches. We did buy the Alpha Omega for our oldest and didn't really have problems until he got older. He said it hurt his back so we went and bought a new carseat by Graco ( He said it hurt his back too, so then we knew it was just him. After a while he didn't complain anymore. I like that the Alpha Omega covers it all.

I also have a Peg Perego Prima Pappa...mine is an older one and it doesn't have the 5 point harness. I would HIGHLY recommend a high chair that has one. I have the straps as tight as they will go and Lucas can still twist and get out since he is so little. If I had a 5-point coming over his shoulders, that would help keep him in better.
Posted by Blogger Candi :  May 23, 2007

So much advice.

I will keep it short.

Carseats: Britax are good but you can find a good one for less. We have a compact car and went for a different brand.

High chairs: Find one that suits your taste and house. And, find one that is easy to clean.

Strollers: I do have a BOB and love it. It has three real inflatable tires and I can take it for long walks and runs. I also have a COMBI Savvy City Stroller that is awesome too. But, definitely check second hand options.

Sleep: Weissbluth book saved my life.
Posted by Blogger Day :  May 23, 2007

I can't speak from experience (heh heh), but a couple of my friends "couldn't live without" the baby whisperer books.

And Nate is uber-adorable. Wow!
Posted by Blogger M :  May 23, 2007

I am a certified carseat technician and I say check the NHTSA web site not consumer reports. Consumer Reports had to retract their latest info due to falsifying how tests were done and the result. Any car seat in the store has to meet NHTSA safety standards. The recommendation for checking what fits best in your vehicle is very important. The comment on Eddie Bauer seats is incorrect as there have been many issues with ease of use and recalls on their models. The more expensive doesn't necessarily better, but Britax is a wonderful seat. I personally have the Alpha Omega and love it. Again though it depends on your vehicle.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 23, 2007

I hope this was ok to post here. I will never forget reading/seeing it, and promised myself to pass on the message to anyone in the same situation. You are in it. You have suffered already. Some situations are more in our control. I vote yes for the Britax. With really good reasons.
Posted by Blogger spellconjurer :  May 23, 2007

We have an Eddie Bauer, (And the previously mentioned Cosco) They are both basically the same with the Eddie Bauer having nicer fabric and better padding. It worked like a charm both rear and forward facing, and now Emily is using it as a high back booster seat.

It is important to get a good seat, but more important to INSTALL IT RIGHT! NOBODY I know has ever had it installed properly. I am now the car seat installer at my work, it sucks! Talk to you later guys, good luck!
Posted by Blogger NegZero :  May 23, 2007

I have to say, we splurged on the stroller and never regretted it. We went with Baby Jogger, first a navy single and now the fantastic, collapsible bright red double jogger. They aren't super easy to transport (heavy, awkward) but we figured for travel we wouldn't be schlepping them. As far as high chairs go, I think they are all pretty much the same. We had an Eddie Bauer car seat and I hated it. Pain in the ass to clip. You are smart to be shopping for something that lasts beyond 1 year/20pounds.

Oh honey about the sleep. So sorry! They are all so different, one person's sure thing is another's 102 sleep ravaged night in a row.

You will sleep again one day, though you may then have a secon little cherub who after 11 months decided to start fiendishly nursing from 11pm-4am every night.
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  May 24, 2007

Sleep...I wish I knew. Time is the best advice I have there. I used some of the advice in 'The no-cry sleep solution'.

And you'll see how I love Target now....

Carseat - Eddie Bauer Deluxe Convertible Car seat. BEST SEAT EVER! I got it at Target for just over $100. I was able to install it correctly (had it checked), and he loves it.

Highchair - someone recommended this one already, the booster that reclines, straps to the chairs. I thought mine was Safety 1st, but I'm not sure. It wasn't expensive. The only complaint is that the tray seems to be tilted strangely even though I have it all the way up.

Stroller - Oh how I wish the internet had come to my rescue on this one!!!! Just say NO to the full-size regular stroller that is big and bulky and horrible. Unless you never, ever have to lift it up in your car...ever. The lightweight strollers are just as good. I used mine at the big zoo here all day and it was FABULOUS. I'm too lazy to go get the brand but I will tomorrow. LOL Make sure it has a canopy, a tray, good wheels, the handles are comfy, and a GOOD basket size. A cup holder for mommy's beverage is nice too! You can sort of see mine here:
Posted by Anonymous JenniferW :  May 24, 2007

sorry about the links not showing right.
Posted by Anonymous JenniferW :  May 24, 2007

Britax car seat- better safe than sorry

IKEA highchair- super cheap and very easy to clean... we actually used the Bumbo placed right on the table to feed our son, until he wiggled himself out of it

Sleeping- I read a TON of books and actually if I had to recommend one it would be Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child people don't believe us when we tell them how well our son sleeps

Have you checked Craigslist for the jogging stroller?
Posted by Anonymous catdoggg :  May 24, 2007

Karla, I could give a hoot about name brands, but TRUST ME, you will never regret for one second spending the extra money on a Britax. I have them for all three of my kids. Cole just got Taryn's old Roundabout (which was originally TJ's, and still looks as new as it did when I bought it--and they are the messiest car eaters in the world!), Taryn just got a Roundabout, which I couldn't afford but would not settle for less, and TJ has a Regent. I am telling you from personal experience that other carseats blow. I bought an expensive Evenflo for TJ at first, and it SUCKED. He had a Graco booster, which was okay, but no Britax. The Britax not only come with extra features like the velcro on the sides that holds up the straps when you put them in, the pad in the croch so you don't pinch and burn them in the summer, and NON-TWISTING straps (which in itself it reason enough to pay the extra money), but, they're also a thousand times more comfy...and also very cool looking! Oh yeah, and there's the safety thing, too...

As for people not putting in carseats correctly, I've yet to figure out how you can mess it up. That, my dear, I know you'll have no problem with.

As for highchairs, I'd go with the booster seat in the chair, too. I had that for Taryn, and if I can ever get my lazy ass out to the garage, Cole will be using one, too. The best part is that it's easy to put away if you need the chair, or the space.

I had a Graco jogging stroller w/TJ, which was pretty nice. However, I only walked w/it, so I'm not one to ask.

Sleep, I don't do it, so I can't help you.
Posted by Blogger Christi :  May 24, 2007

As for a carseat we have the Alpha Omega® Elite 5-Point Convertible Car Seat. I bought it 2 years ago and back then it was around $150(us) One of the things that sold me was that it reclines for your little one when they fall asleep in the car, it's comfy, easy to use, and the price wasn't bad. As for sleeping we had such a hard time with my son at night then we put a fan in his room on a hot summer night and he slept the whole night. I guess it's the white noise.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 24, 2007

I have an Eddie Bauer carseat (bought at Sears) and LOVE it. It is the best carseat ever. So easy to put in, easy to take baby in and out and fits kids all the way up to 80lbs. I've tried other carseats (including the Britax) but I've liked the Eddie Bauer seat best.

As for highchairs? Go plastic. Fabric is terrible for cleaning. You could try wood, but they tend to be pretty pricy.

Inexpensive jogging strollers are a bad idea. They have cheap wheels, are hard to maneuver, and are fairly easy to break. If you have the money, go for something a bit more expensive. I have a Quinny Zapp (bought at Sears) that, though not a jogging stroller, I've run races with. It has one front wheel that can be locked or allowed to swivel. I LOVE this stroller.

The sleeping I cannot help with. My son is 11 months old and still does not sleep through the night...
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 24, 2007

When my son was born I go tthis Jeep umbrella stroller and it is like perfect for jogging and he will be 2 in August and we still use it. So hopefullly you can find something to use, but this is just my suggestion. Good luck!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 24, 2007

One more comment- I just researched car seats for my second daughter (we use a Britax marathon and an Evenflo for my older daughter). The Britax works wonderfully, the Evenflo has a weird release strap. After much searching, we ended up buying two Marathons (at on sale). The other option I looked at was the Fisher Price Safe Voyager, which is made by Britax, but about $70 cheaper. there is no price for safety. Look at the sfaety reports and ask your local police/or fire station. Ours verified that all of our carseats were installed properly and without a second thought recommended the Marathon. Also, you'll use the seat for at least 4-6 years, so better is better.

Highchair- I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but I would skip a highchair and use the Fisher-Price healthy Booster chair(?) I think that's what it is called. It is a seat and tray table that you attach to any chair, has it's own tray table, and is completely washable, moveable, and lightweight.

Storllers- let me know b/c I have three right now and am always searching for a better stroller. Our Jeep Stroller has served us well though and has made it now 3 years and 2 kids, so...I guess I would recommend it?
Posted by Anonymous txhorns :  May 24, 2007

After reading a lot of reviews and safety reports, I got the Evenflo Triumph car seat. We love it. The release mechanism is a little different from other seats. It can be tricky to get used to, but it is so convenient to completely loosen the straps when your baby is asleep, allowing you to lift her out without waking her. We even bought a second one for our next child.

My first jog stroller was the entry level (read: cheap) model from Target. It worked well and had a huge storage area under the seat, which was fantastic for trips to the library or park, although it didn't really make a difference for the runs. :) On the downside, the frame was bent and the bike repair shop was never able to do anything about it. I accepted that after every four strides I would have to readjust with a jerk of my arms. It just added to the workout. With my second child, I bought a very nice Dreamer Design double jogger. The storage bin underneath is cramped, but it is lighter and more importantly, not bent.
I don't regret the cheaper one, especially since I graduated to the double so quickly. My advice would be just to be aware that the quality may be cheaper, but it may be something you can live with.
Posted by Blogger Carol :  May 24, 2007

WOW...lots and lots of advice. Mine...go to and look up tons and read the reviews. Those have helped me immensely. Then go find one you like and feel it, put baby in it, make sure it fits in your car. Especially check the back where the baby's back is and make sure there are no bars or other uncomfy bits that will poke, chafe or otherwise irritate baby's little back. (Eddie Bauer is notorious for this). As for sleep when you figure it out could you let me know?? (Although my pediatrician said add one tablespoon of rice cereal to every 2 ounces of formula if you are bottle feeding to help them sleep through the night but when ou are breastfeeding that isn't helpful advice). *sigh* sorry such a long post.

Posted by Blogger Kris :  May 24, 2007

So many great recommendations.

We have the Britax Roundabout and love it. Very easy to use and really worth the extra money for the peace of mind that it is a very safe seat. Do have it checked to make sure you have it installed correctly, that can make even the safest carseat fail in a crash.

If you can do it, splurge on a BOB. They are great strollers and make walking on our bumpy roads and trails a breeze.

I think someone already mentioned this but 'Healthy sleep habits, happy baby' saved us. We had a 2.5 hour sleeper for over 6 months and now he's a 12+ hour a night sleeper.
Posted by Anonymous andrea :  May 24, 2007

Carseat: We love our Britax Decathalon. My advice for finding what is right for you is practice adjusting the straps (child harness) before you buy a carseat. I know from experience that some are very difficult to adjust, I returned a different carseat because it was such a pain. The Brritax we have now is a breeze.

Jogging Stroller:
We spent 200 US dollars on a 'Reebok' jogging stroller only to realize it was a Baby Trend item with the reebok name. It is heavy and hard to steer because the front wheel is stationary, like most joggers. Other so-called joggers have swivel wheels, but they are meant more for walking. I have seem new ones out that have the option to make the wheel stationary whike running and swivel for walking, trips to the mall or whatever. I think it would be great to have the option to swivel since now I only use the jogger for running and it would be nice to get more use out of it. Also, some joggers fold up compactly while other need to be partialy disassembled to fold or fit in your trunk.

Try not to stress about the sleep though. 5 months is still very young. My daughter woke up a few times a night until I "trained" her at one year. I also used the Weissbluth book as a reference, but many of his techniques didn't work for us until about the age of one. Don't rush it, he'll be sleeping through the night before you know it and you will have plenty of time to read strangers' blogs and respond to their questions.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 25, 2007

Considering all the comments, I'll make this quick.

I love my Britax. We also have a Graco, great brand, but my daughter who is 17 months old has almost outgrown it. It is not as comfortable and the quality is cheaper.

When I compare the quality of the Britax to other brands, you just can't beat it. The plastic is thicker and the seat is just made better. I stood at Babies R Us touching and feeling every carseat.

I am a certified carseat installer also. I tend to be extremely uptight about carseat safety and just feel that other carseat makers are reaching the min. for safety where Britax is going above and beyond.

Just my 2cents!
Posted by Blogger The Princess :  May 25, 2007

Hi Karla,

We, too, hated how clunky and expensive high chairs were, so we got a high-backed booster seat. And WE LOVE IT. Takes up no more room than a chair, was $30, and Lucy will use it well into toddlerhood. I wrote about it here:

I highly suggest you get a convertible car seat, one that goes both rear and forward facing, then turns into a booster seat. You get all your car seat needs until Nate is out of them as a child.

As for sleep, have you tried letting him fuss a bit when he wakes up to see if he'll go back to sleep? Not full-blown CIO, but just letting him feel it out a bit? Is he maybe hungry? Try feeding him more often during the day, to teach him to get most of his calories when it's light out, not dark night-night time. We even used to wake Lucy up from naps to ensure she fed every three hours and got lots to eat during the day. Not for everyone, but it worked fabulous for us.

Good luck!

Posted by Anonymous Carly :  May 25, 2007

As you know I have no kids but I have lots of nanny experience and lots of kids in my life.

The britax is totally worth it, totally. Best safety features and I would totally recommend it. Almost all the kids I watch and in my life have it.

High Chair try and see if you can find one online used or from a local consignment shop, freecycle or craigslist if you have them in Canada. High chairs are disinfectable so buying brand new is not necessary!

THE BOB IS THE BEST! My sister loves loves loves hers! I recommend it 100% it is the smoothest and easiest to run with. Also see if you can find this used. Half the time running strollers people don't even use or use rarely. Kinda like a treadmill they buy it with intentions to use it and then it sits in the corner with clothes on it!

Hope that helps!
Posted by Blogger TBG :  May 28, 2007

Yes, go for the Marathon!! I had the Roudabout (Marathon wasn't out yet) and LOVED it. I just bought the Britax Regent and love it too. Here's a good place to do some research if you're still undecided.
Posted by Blogger Candy :  May 28, 2007

from Kitty's ParentNet...

“Dear Kitty,

Let me start by thanking you for all you do! A dear friend of mine in Calgary has benefited greatly from your wisdom and resources, and she has been my core ‘mama mentor’.

My husband and I read Weissbluth's Healthy Sleep Habits book as well as your sleep articles, and began to help our baby girl learn to self-sooth in her 4th month. It was hard but I was determined and she is an easy baby. She is now 7 months, very calm and content. She is a super star napper and goes to bed for the night very easily”

Vancouver parent
Posted by Blogger Mama T :  June 06, 2007


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