by Karla ° Friday, May 11, 2007
baby Nate - 19 WeeksNate had his five month well baby check up yesterday and he now weighs 13lbs 3oz and is 26 inches tall and the most handsome spitty talker that I know.

His most recent development is trying to mimic facial expressions and an interest in the TV. The other night he smiled and squealed his way through the entire episode of America’s Next Top Model and if he wasn’t just an innocent little baby, I swear it almost looked like he was totally digging the ladies. I made a mental note to make sure that he enters puberty knowing full well that those girls are not what real women look like because real woman are not afraid of Pizza and French Fries.

But then the next day he surprised me and as it turns out, I don’t think he was crushing on the ladies whatsosever. I think he was taking notes on how to perfect his mirror face.

Zoolander Face

Eat your heart out Ben Stiller.


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Sounds like Mr. Nate is coming along just nicely.
Posted by Blogger Mama T :  May 11, 2007

He is absolutely adorable!! I love his shoes. I only have about 10 pairs of them for my little one *grin*.
Posted by Blogger Candi :  May 11, 2007

OMG, his Zoolander face just made me giggle! He is absolutely adorable!!!
Posted by Anonymous Jezer :  May 11, 2007

hahahha hahaha that's awesome!!
Posted by Blogger rachael :  May 11, 2007

Hilarious, Karla!
Posted by Blogger Gina :  May 11, 2007

That face is so cute!! What a little man!

13lbs isn't bad, I just looked up my kids Ethan was 15 lbs 4 oz at 4 months, we don't do 5 months we do 4 months and 6 months here, so he was a bit bigger, and Merci was only 13 lbs 6 oz at 4 months and only 14 lbs at 6 months. So Nate isn't out of the ordinary!!

He is cute though!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  May 11, 2007

I should have clarified that actually Donna. We also do 2 - 4- 6 months here as well, but because of my history and with Nate dropping on the charts and all, we go every month for a well baby check up.
Posted by Blogger karla :  May 11, 2007

I love the zoolander face, even though I think Ben Stiller should be blasted into outer space without a pressure suit.

But nate's face is still adorable.

I love you, Karla!

TJ totally flirted w/hot chicks all the time when he was little. Trey used to take him out places and make me go away so he could flirt w/chicks.
Posted by Blogger Christi :  May 11, 2007

Love the "Blue Steel". What a cutie!
Posted by Anonymous Amanda :  May 11, 2007

Hi Karla

Congrats on doing a great job with Nate...I don't know about Canadian charts, but on the British ones that weight puts him well on his way back up the charts. Again, my daughter puts away more than her twin (VERY fussy eater) brother and she is not only petite but she rarely makes it above the 9th percentile, whilst he is routinely above the 50th.....all kids are so different.

He WAS looking at the ladies I'm sure..smile..little ladies man. Hugs to Nate...
Posted by Anonymous Emalene :  May 11, 2007

Nate and those baby blues get me every time! Move over Ben!
Posted by Blogger Bunny :  May 11, 2007

You crack me up! Nate and Zoolander look an awful lot alike. Too cute!
Posted by Blogger Christy :  May 11, 2007

Ok, so everything else aside, you rock. You're funny, smart, spunky and just generally the kind of girl everyone wants to have as their friend. Hope you know how sweet we all are on you. The kid and hubster are pretty great too.
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  May 12, 2007

Oh my gosh!!!! That's hilarious! He is such a cutie.
Posted by Blogger Amy :  May 12, 2007

that is hysterical! nate is freaking adorable.

just found your blog, love it :) have a nice weekend & happy mother's day!
Posted by Anonymous Ashley :  May 12, 2007

Oh my gosh.... I almost fell out my chair giggling about this!! And then you would have had to come pick up my big fat pregnant ass off the floor! LOL... I'm so kidding.

Nate is a cutie! And you are witty and cute -- being a mom certainly hasn't changed your sense of humor.

Happy Mother's Day, Karla! I hope you have a good one!
Posted by Blogger Tiffany Rose :  May 13, 2007

That face Rocks! I love the comparison! So funny!
Happy Mother's Day, I hope you get to spend it being spoiled and snuggling little Nate!
Posted by Blogger Kaili :  May 13, 2007

Just priceless!
Posted by Blogger Cate :  May 14, 2007


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