Vile Orange Food
by Karla ° Wednesday, June 27, 2007
A big heartfelt thank-you is in order to everyone who voted for my sweet baby boy in the photo contest. Unfortunately, we did not win, but that’s OK because I don't need a silly contest to know that my heart is still orbiting around his tiny little baby universe with a gravitational pull so strong that not even the might of a meteor could penetrate the silken surface of my motherly love.

Now that being said, although my affection for Nate is met with an intensity that rivals the keen eye of an eagle, and everyday I profess to him my creed of undiminished devotion, if I could grant but one wish for him today, it would be that he would skip the whole vegetable drama and just accept that fact that it is not a beastly burden to eat peas and carrots.

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Porgie does that wierd gagging thing when she doesn't want to eat something too. I must say, Nate is looking excpetionally cute!
Posted by Blogger Christy :  June 27, 2007

at least he's TRYING the carrot. It could be worse, way worse!
Posted by Anonymous Shannon :  June 27, 2007

when brandon was a baby he ate EVERYTHING now, oh now, if it isn't soaked in chocolate or cheese, fuggedaboutit

I thinks I almost peed my pants watching that!!!! Too funny!
Posted by Anonymous erin vander kooij :  June 27, 2007

I voted for Baby Nate and that contest just had to be rigged =) I would look at the leader board, and I know I had voted at least that many times! :) He is a winner in my book.
Posted by Anonymous Mary :  June 27, 2007

Avelyn would burst into tears as soon as peas touched her tongue. He's willing, jut not thrilled. Pretty good, I say. :)

PS: Link has been updated!
Posted by Anonymous Amanda :  June 27, 2007

Nate reminds me of me when I try to eat peas. Stay strong, kiddo!
Posted by Blogger M :  June 27, 2007

This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. What a little trooper though. He hates it, but still opens his mouth for more. If that's not proof of how much he loves you, I don't know what is.
Posted by Blogger Alena :  June 27, 2007

have you ever tried to eat that stuff?
dont blame the gaggy face
Posted by Anonymous erika :  June 27, 2007

I love the veggie gag! Thank you for reminding me of that first year chestnut!
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  June 27, 2007

So many similes and thesaurus words!

Andrew would gag and puke for any food at all. On the one hand I was worried, but on the other he was doing great and the doctor for some reason wasn't worried. He didn't eat solid food until he was 14 months old because of his gag reflex.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  June 27, 2007

Sweet potatoes, they're the way to go. Cole doesn't care for carrots, either, but he loves him some sweet potatoes!

I love the little gag he makes. Cole just starts to fuss and turn his head and refuses to open his mouth. I almost would prefer the gag...and the eyes, all big and WHOA! looking, SO CUTE!

Oh, and get this, I went to an ad on your blog for baby models, and I put Taryn and Cole on it. They turned down Taryn, but totally wanted Cole. For only $39.95, I could buy him a headshot package, and get him started on his way to being a famous baby model!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  June 27, 2007

It seems he's learning to express his opinion early! Too cute!
Posted by Blogger Heather :  June 27, 2007

So cute! Nate is looking absolutely adorable! And just to add my little tid bit of a story too, Zachary my middle boy does that same gagging thing anytime the baby bottle gets near him! He had one taste of it a few months back and literally threw up from it so now he just gags if it comes near him!
Posted by Blogger Amber :  June 28, 2007

Oh that made me laugh! I can't blame him. Those carrots look awful to me.
Posted by Blogger Linda :  June 28, 2007

I can't blame him either!! He looked like he was gagging b/c it was so gross! LOL! Thank you for sharing all these cute little video's with us. They really make me smile. Hugs.
Posted by Anonymous Beth :  June 28, 2007

Reminds me of his father! I'll bet if you gave him mashed up Doritos, he'd gobble them up ;)
Posted by Blogger H :  June 28, 2007

Sorry I am so late commenting. I wondered if you had heard of baby-led weaning. This may be something that you would find helpful in getting Nate to enjoy food and the whole eating experience. You can find more information on it here -
Good luck with your journey.
Posted by Blogger alissa :  June 30, 2007

Logan gags like that on new foods...especially since he's trying new textures now.

Zander just throws up...of course, he's not your average eater!
Posted by Blogger Cate :  July 04, 2007


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