by Karla ° Sunday, July 15, 2007
Nate went to his first little kid birthday party yesterday.

Considering there were many new faces that he had never seen before, he only cried once when we got there and saw all the people and that is when I decided to break out the almost fool-proof method of cracking a smile on his face through even the most bescreechingly foul of moods.

Getting him to stop crying in the way that I did is not something I love doing publicly because it involves me looking like a total idiot, but I would publicly humiliate myself any day to stop baby tears from streaming.

The reason I feel a bit self conscious doing it in public is not because I have to lift him up in the air and make a face so alarmingly funny looking that only my very own child could love, it has more to do with the very high pitched Boink! Boink! Boink! that he loves to hear when he is up above my head because you must say it very loudly and you must say it like you really mean it.

I was well into exclaiming how much I really meant those Boink! Boink! Boinks! when I realized that Mark was pointing in my direction and introducing me as his wife, which probably translated into a first impression somewhere along the lines of mild insanity, but at least Nate stopped crying and I could walk over and pump their hand with (hopefully) enough firmness and vigour to confirm my identity as an adult.

The party was positively the largest celebration I have ever seen for a two year old. There were balloons and presents and enough food and juice to feed an entire brigade of ankle-biters. There was even a huge pool for them to burn off all their energy in, which is very clever because although it is bucket loads of fun to watch your body move in slow motion under water, operating under those perplexing laws of physics is very fatiguing.

So while the kids enjoyed their sugar-induced buzzes, the grown-ups enjoyed their adult beverage-induced buzzes and I must admit, the idea of sipping a grown-up drink by the poolside sounded oh so heavenly, but this pesky breastfeeding gig keeps getting in the way of catching an afternoon summer buzz these days.

I kid! I kid!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sipping sugary fruit punch and eating your entire body weight twice over in strawberries and pineapples and birthday cake to compensate.

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Sounds like an almost perfect afternoon!

And look at Mr. Nate in that hat! Too cute.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  July 15, 2007

My older daughter's favorite thing on a walk? Riding on my shoulders while I skip high in the air and screech "Leave the Pieces" at the top of my very non-musical lungs.

Go shameless mamas!
Posted by Blogger AmandaD :  July 15, 2007

I haven't even read the post. I just had to comment on the picture - ADORABLE!! Look at him!! What a stud. :)
Posted by Blogger Megan :  July 15, 2007

The thought of a pool party for two year olds is terrifying!

As for the embarrassing stuff, that's why I keep having kids! If I didn't have them, I'd have no excuse to act like a complete idiot in public. I can't imagine anything more fun than dancing like a fool in the middle of a store, other than playing hide and seek in the clothing section! Making boink sounds is at the top of my list of fun ways to spend a day! I might have come and joined you had I been there!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  July 15, 2007

Nate is lookin' mighty fly these days :)
Posted by Blogger Poppy :  July 16, 2007

What a gorgeous photo - he sure is photogenic!
Posted by Anonymous Anna :  July 17, 2007

Everyone has those crazy ass faces and noises that they make for their children. Whenever we take Porgie to have her pictures taken, John has to stand behind the photographer and snort like a pig. It makes her smile every time.
Posted by Blogger Christy :  July 17, 2007


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