Dreaming Under Different Skies
by Karla ° Wednesday, August 8, 2007
Last weekend Mark and I were out for a drive and on a spur of the moment decision, we decided to swing by the old apartment building where we used to live.

We’ve moved around a lot over the years, but nowhere brings back memories like the first place we lived together.

The year was 1999 and Mark was about to graduate from college. He had just scored himself a nice work from home job and even though I still had a few years of school left, we decided to shack up and split the cost of rent. And also, we may have shacked up so that we could have sex without having to remember to lock the door. Because I cannot stress how important that is when you live in a college dorm.

Times were great back then. We were young, in love and excited to be starting our lives together. Even if that meant I would no longer be able to blame mysterious bathroom smells on my roommates.

Since I was still in school, I entrusted the apartment hunt to Mark. We learned very quickly that our budget didn’t afford us much. Finding a place to live without cockroaches and hallways that reeked of urine was going to be a challenge.

Opting for the lesser of two evils we decide we would just have to live with the stench of urine because we still lived like college kids and the cockroaches would have been all over the empty pizza boxes stacked on our living room floor.

I still remember the day he called me to tell me had found a place. He was so excited. “There’s even a small office for you,” he exclaimed proudly. I was all like, dude, I’m going to feel so grown up in my very own office, and packed my big hulking computer desk in the moving truck only to discover that my office was a storage closet with no outlets and the light source operated via a pull string dangling from the ceiling.

Really though, we didn’t care that we lived in a dive because all of life’s essentials were right next door. Like milk. And cigarettes. And Doritos. And coffee. And beer.

We didn’t even care that our balcony door was jammed shut and that we had to crawl out a window to sit outside. Probably because we spent a great deal of time filling our stomachs with beer and we may or may not have been too drunk to notice. But still. Much bodily dexterity was gained from that experience. That's gotta count for something.

Oh those were the days.

We had nary a care in the world. And we had a lot of fun not caring about anything.

We were just happy to be. And the rest didn’t matter.

How the cycle of seasons change. We dream under different skies now and seeing that old apparent building made me feel a bit nostalgic for a time when life was much simpler.

But then I remembered Nate dozing peacefully in his carseat and you know, he makes it all worthwhile.

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Every now and again, I like doing that too. Too bad, though most of my old, carefree memories are in Toronto, and it's not so easy to take a walk down memory lane when you're living so far away. Like does change, though and somehow it always seems to have been so much simpler when we were younger.

Nate is getting to be such a big boy!!
Posted by Blogger Shelliza :  August 08, 2007

Sean and I talk sometimes about the more carefree days we enjoyed before getting married and having the girls. It was a sweet time, and the memory of it is made that much sweeter by realizing that it led us to our now, to our two girls and our complicated life.

Congratulations to you both!
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  August 08, 2007

He definitely is, especially with those big BLUE eyes!! Too cute!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  August 08, 2007

Wow, that post came alive. It's funny how you can go back but never really go back. But, all the while, life gets sweeter.
Posted by Blogger MrsGrumpy :  August 08, 2007

Oh, wasn't life so different before you had to pack a billion different things just to get out of the house?

I hear you.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  August 08, 2007

Hi! I've been reading and enjoying your blog for awhile now. I've never commented before, although your past entries have made me cry both tears of sadness and laughter. I don't know what has moved me to comment today, but I just feel like telling you today that I like you. You seem like someone I'd be friends with, and while I enjoy reading many blogs, there is not another one I would feel like saying that to. Is that a wierd comment to leave? Probably.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  August 08, 2007


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