On Teenage Angst
by Karla ° Friday, August 17, 2007
While out shopping today, I happened to cross paths with a teenager who was dressed in garments completely unsuitable for parading around town under the blazing heat of summer.

He was dressed from head to toe in black. He had on black pants and a sartorial calamity of a trench coat that stretched the entire length of his body down to a ponderously hefty pair of black army boots. Continuing with the theme of Big Angry Teenager was a head of jet black hair and matching ebony lips. The look was completed with a dark pair of shades pulled over a strikingly salt-pale face by comparison.

I can relate to this form of teenage angst-infused self expression because I remember what it was like to carry the wisdom of a 7000 year old man on my pubescent shoulders.

Been there. Done that. And kept the t-shirt with the word “Freak” on the chest to prove it.

At one point during my phase of being angry with the cosmos I started wearing dark clothes and dyed my hair jet black, too. Because nothing quite sends the message that the meddling gremlins of nefarious doom descended on your soul than a bottle of nice n’ easy.

Mark also went through a similar phase, and in addition to dying his blond locks; he also dyed his eyebrows black so the whole world knew just how burdened with anger he was.

I am certain all the people he served while working the drive-thru at his part time job knew not to mess with him and his angry eyebrows lest he unleash the wrath of his teenage fury and forget their side order of pickles.

Eventually, Mark and I came of age and realized that alcohol and a sunny patio was a very practical solution to all of life’s problems and we bid farewell to our teenage animosity and our shoulders thank us for it.

So to the young man I saw today. If you are going to carry the weight of the Whole Entire Universe on your shoulders, may I at least suggest being practical about it all in a sensibly cool t-shirt and a pair of seasonally appropriate open toe sandals.


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I am pretty sure I'm not the only one who'd love to see photos of you and Mark during those Days O' Angst. C'mon, it'd be fun!
Posted by Anonymous Amanda :  August 17, 2007

I second that! Let us see those "angry eyebrows."
Posted by Blogger Lovebuzz38 :  August 17, 2007

ah... i remember that well!

i almost...sorta, a little bit, miss that time.

42 year old pregnant, mother of two already, goths are frowned upon here in "the OC"

Posted by Anonymous uumomma :  August 17, 2007

Ah yes, we once knew a lot.
Posted by Blogger Anvilcloud :  August 17, 2007

I went through that phase, too, minus the black hair. I got fired from a job b/c someone told my boss I was a devil worshipper. Uhhh, yeah...
Posted by Blogger Christi :  August 17, 2007

Those teenage years SUCKED I have to say. Glad they are over. (although I would like my teenage thighs back - ha ha)

I missed all that. I was horribly well-adjusted.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  August 18, 2007

My 13 almost 14 year old is going through this stage now. I've been warned that this is just the beginning.
Posted by Anonymous Christine :  August 19, 2007


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