That probably doesn't tickle
by Karla ° Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Remember all the silly things you used to say when you were little?

Yeah me neither.

But apparently, from what my mother tells me, I used to think I was an expert in the field of external male genitalia.

After she finished explaining to me what circumcision was, I promptly went to school the next day and asked my teacher if it was true that some boys are CRUCIFIED when they are born.

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Ooooh... you owe me a new keyboard.
Posted by Blogger MrsGrumpy :  August 01, 2007

Ha ha! Now that is hilarious. I'll bet your teacher still remembers that question.
Posted by Blogger H :  August 01, 2007


I'm going to write about Andrew's mix up on my blog.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  August 01, 2007

you so know everything you did to your mother is going to come back to you through your children. I love it!
Posted by Blogger TBG :  August 01, 2007

That's hilarious!
Posted by Blogger thethinker :  August 01, 2007

My childhood crime-spree ended before it began when I noticed a sign that said, in bold lettering, "SHOPLIFTERS WILL BE PROSECUTED".

At that age, I confused prosecution with execution.

Best. Deterrent. Ever.

Oh my.

They're only "crucified" if the circumcision is botched. :-)
Posted by Blogger Heather :  August 01, 2007


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