Tomorrow is Another Day
by Karla ° Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Nate is having his morning nap and while the house is calm and peaceful I thought I would take a minute to decide how I will spend my day today.

I should probably catch up on some housework. Chores have really fallen by the wayside. A good place to start would be to vacuum because it has been ages since I have done that. But first, I need to pick up Nate’s toys. And Mark’s socks.

Speaking of socks, I really need to get caught up on some laundry. The piles are accumulating in mountainous proportions. Kind of like the diapers in Nate’s diaper genie. I really need to empty it.

Some days, it feels like all I do is change diapers. Which reminds me, I need to run to the store and stock up because we are running low. I suppose while I’m out, I may as well get the grocery shopping done too.

Since I have to go out I should probably shower and get dressed.

But wait. I have no clean clothes. So first I’ll throw in a load of laundry, and then I will have a shower so I can go to the store to get diapers and groceries. Once I get home I can pick up Nate’s toys and Mark’s socks and empty the diaper genie and then vacuum.

Wait a minute though. Tomorrow is garbage day. So before I shower I should get all the garbage and recycling together. And while I’m collecting garbage, I may as well clean the kitty litter and pick up Samson’s giant dog poo piles outside.

Did I remember to buy latex gloves for picking up poop the last time I was at the store? Of course not. So I really need to go the store to buy gloves to pick up Samson’s giant dog poo piles before anything else. And if I have to go out anyway, I should probably just go ahead and get those diapers and groceries. And then once I come home, I’ll do the laundry and pick up Nate’s toys and Mark’s socks and empty the diaper genie and pick up Samson’s giant dog poo piles and clean the kitty litter and then get the garbage and recycling together. Once all of that stuff is out of way, then I will have a shower.

Hang on a minute. I also have to get some blood work done after seeing the doctor yesterday about the mysterious bruises all over my legs. Nate should be waking up soon, so we can go and do that once he is awake. But first he will need a diaper change and milk and all of my undivided attention and love.

Gee, where did the day go already? It will soon be time for lunch and oh no, I forgot to pump milk for Nate’s cereal. Ok, as soon as I finish taking care of Nate’s needs, then I will go and get that blood work done and go to the store to buy gloves and get diapers for Nate and groceries for our bare fridge before emptying the diaper genie and doing the laundry and picking up Nate’s toy’s and Mark’s socks and Samson's giant dog poo piles and cleaning the kitty litter and getting the garbage and recycling together. And then I will finally have a shower. Right after I vacuum first.

Nate goes down for a nap again shortly after lunch and speaking of naps; I sure could go for one myself.

Tomorrow is another day right?


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Sometimes it feels like you spend the whole day just thinking of the stuff you have to do, huh? Then the nap is always over! I usually only clean at 6 before Peter gets home. Then it stays clean for about 2 hours before dinner :) I love your blog. Your entries about Ava made me cry. Julian was saved by a doctor who just happened to hear something irregular in Julian's heartbeat. I never wrote about it. You have a lot of courage.

The sad part is...that is literally what a mother goes through..and the thinking part takes up more time than the actual chores..I just cringed reading that, cuz I know exactly how you feel!!!

When did you get inside my head?
Posted by Blogger Julia :  August 22, 2007

Hee hee! Too when are you going to teach Nate to clean up the pet's poop?
Posted by Blogger Blogversary :  August 22, 2007

Isn't it amazing how 2 or 3 errands can take an entire day?

maybe I'm crazy. But I feel like somehow you are afraid, maybe a tinge of hysteria you refuse to acknowledge, and it's far easier to let the one million needs of a family consume your thoughts instead. Or maybe it's just me that's feeling afraid for you. I am crossing everything I can. Fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes,,,,,

You are more ambitious than me. I just stick to meeting all of Porgie's needs, and I let my husband do the rest.
Posted by Blogger Christy :  August 22, 2007

yEP, THAT is how a lot of my days go. A whole lot of fretting and thinking about what I have to do and not much action. yesiree.

have you ever read the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" ?
Read it, its one of my favorites and your post fits sounds just like it!
Posted by Blogger Karina :  August 23, 2007

PLEASE PLEASE could you tell me how you got him to nap? I have the same list as you but a 5 month old non-napper. Good luck to me getting anything done ever again.
Posted by Blogger Kris :  August 23, 2007

*giggles* This sounds like me..the sad thing is I don't even have a child yet and I still don't have enough time to do the things I need to do! is my only savior to help set up routines otherwise my house would be so bad I'd attract the attention of stray dogs and such. :p
Posted by Blogger Elizabeth :  August 23, 2007

Trey is SO going to be forced to read this! He has NO idea what my days are like, and you just summed it up...minus the dog poo piles, thank goodness!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  August 23, 2007

Yes! When Mr. P was an infant, I definitely felt like all I did was change diapers and feed him.

I let everything kinda go to heck, and whatever Hubba-hubba didn't get done, didn't get done.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  August 23, 2007

You made me tired just reading this!
Posted by Blogger Heather :  August 23, 2007

When I had the mysterious bruises I never found out the cause. I'm watching your answers to possibly help me. :) I didn't even know I had them until my husband pointed out that 1/3 of my entire leg and thigh were black and purple and it looked like someone bashed me with a 2 by 4. It's not as bad now - but I still get smaller mysterious bruises where I know I've never knocked into anything.

Oh - and the gloves? Use a plastic grocery bag (recycle!) over your hand and then just turn it inside out, tie and toss. :)
Posted by Blogger aka_Meritt :  August 24, 2007


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