The Controversy of the Curl
by Karla ° Saturday, September 8, 2007
Growing from both sides of Nate head are two perfectly formed spiral curls. I love his ringlets and am very attached to them. They give him a certain je ne sais quoi of total cuteness that for reasons beyond my understanding does not follow through into the adult years.

My curls are not cute anymore and resemble something more along the lines of mangy lion hair head. This is why I have a very involved and passionate love affair with my blow dryer to smooth out the pandemonium of frizz sprouting from my head.

But this isn’t about me. This is about Nate.

Mark does not love Nate’s ringlets. He thinks they bug him and make his ears itchy and wants to cut them off. I’m all like, but I love his curls! Life will never be the same without them! And what’s the harm in a little bit itchiness when you have all that cuteness to contend with?

Then I warned him that if he cut his curls off he could consider access to my lady parts also cut off. Because I’m a big cry baby masquerading as an adult.

I swear this has nothing to do with me though.

A few weeks ago Nate had blood in his ear. Mark insisted that it was finally time to cut the damn curls already because they were driving Nate so batty that he scratched himself until he drew blood. I decided instead to take him to the doctors because, Oh My God, Exploding Ears! Infection!

It turns out that he didn’t have an infection, and also, I am doing a fine job cleaning his earwax.

Hurray me.

Speaking of me, I finally got the results of my blood work from all the mysterious bruises on my legs. Officially, there is no medical reason for my bruising. Unofficially, my doctor may have suggested that I am a blundering klutz that should stop walking into things. I disagree with this and think Mark needs to stop placing those invisible tables in my way.

The doctor also suggested that maybe the blood in Nate’s ear was from him poking his fingers inside newly discovered orifices on his body. This is the explanation that I gave Mark after hiding all the scissors in the house. Not to make this all about me again, but did I mention I don’t want to cut off his curls?

This morning we found Nate with his thumb and a pool of blood in his ear and I think it’s finally time to admit that maybe his adorable little ringlets do the bug the shit out of him.

Or maybe I should do a better job at keeping his finger nails cut.

Or maybe it’s time I introduce him to the wonderful world of hair products.

Or maybe I need to stop making this all about me and give the kid some relief already.

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Please don't cut the curls! :(

tq1961 (long time reader..rare commenter..)
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  September 08, 2007

My baby has adorable curls, too. Old people keep asking me if I curled them. WTF? Can you imagine a bigger waste of time or a more dangerous activity than taking a curling iron to an infant's wiggly head?

My gut reaction is DON'T CUT HIS HAIR!!!! but if it's really and truly bothering him...well can you put barrettes in? Brush the curls back? You see my reservations to cutting.

If you cut them off, they may not grow back!

But if you have to...

You know even if he is futzing with them he'll get over it soon enough. They're always going through phases.
Posted by Blogger Eva :  September 08, 2007

You can't just tuck them behind his ears? Cole has them, too, and they drive me nuts b/c he looks so girly when they're out. So I am constantly fixing his hair and tucking them behind his ears. His aren't quite as long as Nate's, so it seems like you would be able to get them to stay there. If you do end up cutting them off, make sure to keep them forever!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  September 08, 2007

Oh my goodness Eva. Totally WTF! Curling a baby's hair with a curling iron? If that isnt a recipe for disaster than I don't know what is.

Christi - we do tuck the curls behind his ears but they have this crazy ability to wrap right around and then the ends stick right into his ear holes. Cute. But ticklish for him I'm sure. I already kept some of his long dark baby hair that has since all but fallen out and been replaced with these more brownish locks. I will definetely keep the curls if and when we ever cut them. If I get my way, his first hair cut won't be for a very long time.
Posted by Blogger karla :  September 08, 2007

I think it is normal for little guys to pick at their ears. I remember finding dried blood in my kids ears, it won't last long and it doesn't bother them much or they would stop doing it.

The curls are cute!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  September 08, 2007

Just add a wide brimmer black hat and Nate will be a little orthodox Jew in the making!! seriously I know how you feel. I got the Young Man's hair cut last weekend and chickened out and only had about 1cm cut off - enough so its not in his eyes anymore but not too much so that he looks like a 'big' boy. The girls are gonna go wild for those curls when Nate gets bigger.
Posted by Anonymous Anna :  September 08, 2007

Bring that baby to me. I LOVE trimming baby nails. Wierd fetish I know but whatever. I can say my daughters have never had crusty blood in their ears! I'll make sure Nate's nails are nicely trimmed and that the curls stay in tact. I adore curls, too. My older daughter briefly had them when she was around 15 months to two years or so. If it was really humid, they were really curly.
Posted by Blogger Colleen :  September 08, 2007

My son has curls too but they don't seem to bother him. I wonder if you cut Nate's curls and his ears still bleed, would you regret cutting them? Just a thought... =)
Posted by Anonymous Keri :  September 09, 2007

Lucas still picks at his ears at 18 months old and with 5 hair cuts under his belt. I find dried blood in his ears even if I just trimmed his nails. I think it is just a way for those babies to keep us on our toes.

BTW, I didn't start cutting Lucas' hair until he was 13 months. His hair grows super fast!! I didn't want it cut too short that first time, but every time since then I keep saying "shorter". He just gets sooo sweaty!
Posted by Blogger Candi :  September 10, 2007

Well, if you were orthodox jewish and lived in new york I'd say the curls were just about right. :)

As for the blood in the ear - probably not the hair - he just found a hole to stick his fingers in. Keep the nails short short short.

I would SO, SO, SO NOT be able to cut those adorable curls.
Posted by Blogger Brandy :  September 11, 2007

I didn't cut my daughter Abby's hair (now 9 yr old) until she was 6. She had a head full of perfect, flowing,down-to-her-waist, beautiful ringlets of chestnut silk. Everyone adored her hair. I LOVED her curls. The sad day I took her for her first hair cut (she couldn't stand sitting on her hair anymore) my fears were realized... the curls never returned. Enjoy Nate's as long as you can!

One more thing.. be thankful the blood's inside his ears. Once he starts picking his nose and, ahem, leaves you presents all over your walls, you'll pine back to the days when he thought his ears were the big ticket. :p

Hi, I know this is a really late comment but I just found your post about bruising (I tend to drop by your site every month or so and catch up). My son's about 6 months older than Nate and when he was about 10 months I had a bad run of bruising on my legs too. I had a bunch of blood work done but nothing showed up and then by about 13 months they went away. I really wonder if it was something to do with breastfeeding, or it could just be that baby boys are tough on their mothers....
Posted by Blogger Trish :  September 17, 2007

dont cut the babies hair till he is 1. 1 is a good age!

He is too cute with the curls. Cut the fingernails first!
Posted by Blogger TBG :  October 03, 2007


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