by Karla ° Thursday, November 29, 2007
Even though Nate’s actual due date was January 7th, he was born on December 22nd. No matter which way he entered this world - planned or spontaneous labour, or through an opening that was once home to a place where coarse and granular scar tissue did not exist, there was no getting around birthing a baby during the season where homes are ablaze in the luminous glow of holiday shimmer and lights.

Personally, I love when he was born because I love Christmas. But with a Christmas baby comes the old adage that birthdays and Christmas will always end up getting rolled together into one celebration. Which, when you think about it, totally isn’t a fair from a pint-sized human’s point of view who thinks that the world revolves around his shape collection. I mean, let’s face it, I could preach to Nate until I am blue in the face that it’s not all about the presents, but until he is able to understand that it is not an economically wise decision to feed the dog all of his harvarti cheese and that there is more to life than an expansive and endless selection of toys, this will mean absolutely nothing to him.

So, to help ease him through those grubby-fingered years of toddlerhood self-entitlement, we’ve decided to start a tradition of celebrating his birthday on the last Saturday of November. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me, especially the part about getting a pre-birthday cake and a birthday-birthday cake, and the fact that his birthday will always fall on a weekend. He will totally thank us when he comes of age and has the luxury of dealing with those pesky after-party hangovers on a Sunday.


I took Nate to the doctors yesterday for his monthly check up, and at 11 months, he weighs 17½ pounds. This means that he has put on almost 1½ pounds in a month. I credit this weight gain to lots and lots of yogurt and cheese, but considering the ratio of cheese that actual finds its way into his mouth versus the amount of cheese that finds its way into the mouth of our loyal cheese snatching vacuum cleaner, this also means that Samson must have put on at least 12 pounds this month.

Samson says,"Do you think all that cheese makes my shouders look fat?"

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MMM, I was encourage to go to the fridge and get out the Havarti butter cheese I have. MMM, with crackers.

Like I need the fat...I only had a few!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  November 29, 2007

Way to go on the weight gain!!! That is what my son gained last time he was weighed. I need to take him in for a follow up and I m really hoping he gained 2 pounds this time. At 20 months, he weighed 18 pounds. He is now 21 months, so I am really hoping that he is at 20 pounds now so that I can turn him around in his car seat!! Boy will he be excited!!
Posted by Blogger Candi :  November 29, 2007

We've had to start locking our dog out of the room when we feed my one year old boy because he just finds it far too entertaining to feed the dog ALL his food. That dog is living the high life.
Posted by Blogger Shalini :  November 29, 2007

My sister's birthday is on Christmas day. I'm sure she often wished our parents had created a similar tradition, because she got short-changed out of a lot of birthday parties. I think she still resents me for having a birthday in Spring when it's the PERFECT time to throw a big party.
Posted by Blogger Heather :  November 29, 2007

I think that's a good idea. From the party planners point of view, Christmas birthdays are hard because people have too many plans, so they can't make it. Andrew is Dec 20.

Congrats on the weight gain. He's officially surpassed Alison's growth rate.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  November 29, 2007

Samson is sooo funny. My one cat loves cheese, too, and he's got the little belly to prove it
Posted by Blogger H :  November 30, 2007

That's great that he gained that much in just a month!

My sister's birthday is on the 14th of December, and we could never put up anything Christmas related until after her birthday because my parents thought it would hurt her feelings.

Turns out years later, she admits to not caring one bit after the age of 10. But it continued until well after she had moved out.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  November 30, 2007

Thesha was born of the 20th, and we have always made an effort to make an event of her birthday .


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