Lucky and Unlucky
by Karla ° Friday, December 28, 2007
In terms of Christmas this year? It did not entirely fit in our car. Going there (to visit our families), or coming back. Which sort of put a damper on the whole festive spirit when we rolled up to my parent’s house without their gift, and then rolled back out of town without our gifts. Samson however, is pleased that he did not have to ride all the whole way home perched on top a mountain of toys.

And then, bummer of all bummers, I lost a brand spanking new pair of Lululemon pants. I could write a whole sermon on why my Lululemon Reverse Groove pants are like, the most spectacular pants I have ever owned, but this story is not about how fabulous those pants make your ass look. This story is about Mark buying me a new pair because my body has shrunk since buying my last pair and in order to maximize their spectacularity, you'd think it’s important that they do not hang off of your hips like a tent, no?

Anyhow, I carefully selected a new pair, black, with a quilted band of gray and white along the waist, in tall length. Why someone who is 5’ 4” needs a tall inseam, I have no idea. I just know that their regular length inseams are way too short when worn with shoes, and I am WAY picky about how my pants drape over my shoes. So, I had them hemmed, picked them up a few days later, wandered around the mall, la la la, got distracted, set down my parcel, and never saw them again.

They’re probably on ebay, right now, being sold for more than the sticker price because the tags are still attached.

And then something else happened that made my heart literally stop. My brother got hurt. Now, my brother is not one who gets hurt easily. He is a sturdy six feet tall, and a solid mass of about 200 lbs from all those childhood years of kicking my ass and adult years of muscle-building landscaping, so when he falls, he falls hard, especially if it’s from the impact of a very large sheet of ice falling off the roof and crashing down on him. My mom found him outside, crumpled over in a pile of snow, not moving. I may have lost my shit and screamed for someone to call 911, and then continued to scream even louder because, FOR FUCK SAKES, WHY ISN'T ANYONE CALLING 911? He is lucky to be alive, and still have a head attached to his body.

Somewhere though, wrapped in the midst of all the worry for my brother, sadness for my pants, and the bum that yearns to fill them, was a fine time spent with family. My Mom went out of her way to keep my belly full on gourmet cheese, hot cocoa served with fresh whipped topping, and homemade vegetarian lasagna carefully layered with a medley of fresh vegetables , strips of zucchini, sauce, and the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of four cheeses. She also made extra, and sent me home with enough to last me the winter. You’d think she knew I hated cooking, or something.

And then, on Christmas Day, Mark and I opened our gifts with Nate, stuffed our bellies full of pancakes, and spent the entire afternoon in bed. Sleeping.

It was perfect.

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Sorry about your brother!

And the pants!

But I am totally envious of an afternoon of sleeping.
Posted by Blogger Angella :  December 28, 2007

That is really scarey about your brother. I am glad he is OK. Sucks about the pants!!! You should search ebay for them - ha ha. Kidding - kind of :)

it would not hurt to at least ASK at the mall lost and found about the pants. Long shot, but a phone call at least :)
I am very sorry about your brother, I am so happy he will be ok. And I love afternoon naps, too. I still take them with my little son who is 3 now when I can steal one!

You got to sleep? I am SOOOOOO jealous!

That sucks about the pants. One day I might be able to buy smaller sized clothes!

So I'm assuming your brother is alright. You never exactly said what happened beyond ice falling on him. That's so scary...
Posted by Blogger Christi :  December 29, 2007

i will be expecting some delicious vegetarian lasagna on my doorstep tomorrow mmmmkay

I want to echo Angela's comment (first comment)

Sorry about your brother (I hope he's much better now)

Sorry about the pants - it was really a bummer to lose that.

And I am totally envious of an afternoon nap. I need that.

I'm so sorry about your brother and so glad that the rest of your Christmas was wonderful!

I am sorry to hear about your brother. That is so scary!

That totally sucks about the pants too especially after getting them altered!
Posted by Blogger TBG :  January 02, 2008

I have no original comment:

So sorry about your brother.

And sorry about the pants (if you find the seller on eBay you can stalk them until they cry "uncle").

Other than it sounds like your holiday was very festive (gourmet cheese...yum...)
Posted by Blogger shauna :  January 02, 2008

Hi Christi,
Yes, my brother is OK. A little worse for wear, but defintely OK.
Posted by Blogger karla :  January 03, 2008

wow...i'm glad your brother is okay! my dad was hit by ice falling off the barn roof once...scary how bad you can get hurt that way!

i'm also sorry to hear about your pants...that really sucks!

but at least your Christmas was good other than that! and don't worry....we couldn't bring our (read the boys'!) gifts home from Carlos' parents' house here in Ottawa, OR my parents's place in Brighton. it's probably going to be another couple of weeks before the boys get all their holiday booty! ;-)


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