Thinking about growing a mustache
by Karla ° Thursday, January 31, 2008
So what kind of person drops a bomb about her child being kicked out of daycare and then doesn’t finish telling the rest of the story?

Most likely the kind of person that feels like a pair of testicles would come in handy right about now to give her a leg up on negotiating a deal for a used minivan already.


If I tell you that I am interested in THIS minivan, don’t show me THAT minivan and tell me it’s the same thing. I know it isn’t because me and Google are so close we're practicaly sleeping together and he is like, all-knowing and all-seeing and he thinks you’re lying.


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Your killing us!! Why did Nate get kicked out of daycare!?!?!?

I've had so many theory's going through my head already.

1. He decided to flash his glock and his long chain attatched to a studded wallet.

2. He stole little sally's cookie?

3. No, no, I've got it, he already had more phone numbers than the child care provider ever got!?

Tell us!!!

Oh, and the minivan? I know what you mean!
Posted by Anonymous Mindy :  January 31, 2008

I agree. You keep teasing but no end to the story.

My first thought was biting.

The glock was a close second.

What could sweet Nate have done in one day to get kicked out of school?
Posted by Blogger Hedda :  January 31, 2008

We're also looking for a minivan or smallish SUV or hybrid kind of thing. So what model are you looking for? What has the great all-knowing Mr. Google told you?

Nicki in NC
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  January 31, 2008

Are you just waiting for the sound of all of our heads exploding with anticipation to tell us what happened with Nate??? :-)

Oh and would love to know what kind of minivan you're interested in...
Posted by Blogger Brandy :  January 31, 2008

Please don't keep us waiting any longer! Inquiring minds want to know!
Posted by Anonymous brookealyson :  January 31, 2008

kicked out? I missed yesterday somehow. Kicked out? like out? ah! this is not cool - what's up?
what does Google think of they daycare?
Posted by Blogger Karen :  January 31, 2008

Alright Already.... we have to know!! Why did Nate get kick out of Daycare?
I'm hoping if enough of us bug you about this you will finally cave!

You are good at this game.

Minivan, really? Wouldn't have thunk!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  January 31, 2008

If you are doing this to get more visits Karla....well, ITS WORKING dang it. :) Tell us, we all can't stand it!!!!

I used to make fun of my friends and co-workers who had mini-vans.
Then I had 2 kids, 2 dogs and got strollers, dog crates and god knows what all the other crap is that haul around... needed a mini-van.
I got my own in August and I love it... unabashedly... truly... totally... and if it had a mouth I would kiss it... often.
Posted by Anonymous Ms.Carson :  January 31, 2008

I agree, you will love your new mini-van, soccer mom look and all.

We could start a boycott if you don't tell us about Nate.
Posted by Blogger Christi :  February 01, 2008


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