Unhip and unchic in Las Vegas
by Karla ° Monday, June 2, 2008
While lunching with my girlfriend, Ang, and her cooing baby the other day, the topic of what I planned to wear while vacationing in Vegas came up. And then it hit me. By this time next week I will be lounging by a pristine azure pool on a sun-warmed chaise in the artificially enhanced city of sensuality and sin and my closet is lined with nothing but yoga-inspired clothes and lacklustre cotton.

After never returning to the corporate urban hollows following Ava's death, and then experiencing the dramatic shift of bodily proportions after carrying two full-term babies, I donated all of my dressier business clothes to charity. And of the few trendy pairs of pants that I kept, all but one pair still fit my post-pregnancy body which, oddly, is droopier and thinner than it has ever been.

Ang, a well seasoned traveller, helped me inspect my closet for items potentially suitable for exploring a sun-drenched desert by day and embarking on nocturnal desire-fuelled adventures by night. And let me just say that I am much better equipped to schlep around the Strip in comfortable shorts and casual t-shirts than I am to vamp it up fine dining style.

The only items we managed to salvage from my crumbling wardrobe were several body-hugging camisoles that could be paired with either the last of my boot-cut jeans that fit, or the sole remaining pair of pin-stripped dress pants I own that do not sag and rumple in all the wrong places. We also found one knee-length dress with built in waist-slimming runching which will be perfect for dancing the night away at an überhip club with my awkwardly unhip dance moves.

Still obviously in need of a few new wardrobe accessories, we moved onto shoes next. All that I wear these days are: ballerina flats, a comfortable, yet completely bedraggled pair of six-year old peekaboo sandals and a pair of brand new Saucony runners which were so comfortable on my feet in the store that I was forced to file for divorce from my long-time love affair with Asics.

So after digging through the shadowy storage corners in the basement, I pulled out a giant bag stuffed with strappy shoes of all different colours and heel styles. Also in the bag was a pair of almost knee-high boots that make my calves sweat. And remembering the sheer vastness and distance one walks while exploring the Strip, I decided on a pair of pointy-toed black kitten heels and a pair of mules with reasonable heels and decorative buckles.

Wanting something fresh to wear poolside and something flirty to enhance my running-toned legs while kicking up my heels under the dusky Vegas nightlife skies, I set out to do some shopping last week and if it wasn’t for this pesky thing called a real life, I could have easily blown 17 mortgage payments on new clothes.

I ended up buying a cute mix-and-match belted bikini bottom in fiery orange and a candy-coloured coordinating top with gold hoop emblazoned straps. For evening wear, I absolutely fell in love with an optic white balloon-squirted dress that would look fabulous dining alfresco under a star-strewn sky, but for reasons I don’t quite understand, something about wearing white makes me stain-prone, and as much as I loved that dress, I just knew the inevitable dribbling of red vino on it would totally ruin my night.

Next, I tried on a seductive thigh-high poison-green dress and if wasn’t for the fact that I am a role model to a pint-sized human and a married woman who is mostly opposed to walking around with an amply-panty covered ass peeking out of her clothes, I totally would have bought it.

In the end I settled on a modest, yet simple and chic dress with a tropical turquoise hue. And dammit, if I spill wine that thing, I am so screwed because that dress needs to take me through at least one burlesque style production, a night of electro club mixes and being within intimately close proximity to illusionist titan David Copperfield.

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dude. your going to be in vegas sans kid...i think you only need to pack your birthday suit ;)

i'm bad

Your wardrobe sounds just like mine!! I live in jeans!!
I am sure you will have a fab time in Vegas ~ no matter what you are wearing!!
Can't wait to see all the photos when you come back!!!
I am sooooooooo jealous!!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  June 03, 2008

Have so much fun.. I love Vegas. You need to post pictures of your new clothes. Your wardrobe sounds eerily similar to mine as well. Being a Mommy can be oh so glamourous!

You should model them for us.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  June 03, 2008

I still work in a corporate (but casual) environment and I would still have trouble coming up with something for a fancy dinner.

Shout out for Saucony shoes. I LOVE them!
Posted by Anonymous Olivia :  June 03, 2008

I agree with the modeling. Or at least post a lot of photos when you return.

Excited for you :)
Posted by Anonymous Angella :  June 03, 2008

I'm sure you will have a great time, whatever you decide to wear!
Can't wait to see the holiday photos too!
love Amanda xx
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  June 03, 2008

I am sure your wardrobe is much better than mine. I think all I have left in my closet are maternity clothes.
Posted by Blogger Christy :  June 04, 2008


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