Faithful Pillow Warmer
by Karla ° Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Mark is sick. And by sick, I don’t mean he’s sick as in a totally rad husband kind of sick, even though he is; I mean honest to goodness sick. And this is a man who never gets sick. The whole time I’ve known him, which is over half of my 28 years of existence on this planet, I have never seen him like this. Except maybe for the thousand zillion hangovers we’ve nursed together over the years, but technically those don’t count because they’re self inflicted.

Mark, the hardest working work-life balance man that I know, never takes time off work unless it is for a well planned and executed holiday from the office that will ensure freedom from a perpetually vibrating BlackBerry. But last Thursday night a fever worked its way into his fiendishly fit man body that just kept escalating higher and higher.

Planning to spend a quiet day fighting his fever-induced grogginess in bed, Mark rose early on Friday morning to wrap up some work related business that needed to be handled in his absence. While he was busy in the home office, Nate and I ate breakfast at his pint-sized toddler table, brushed our teeth and then headed to daycare.

Once home, I put on a much needed pot of focus-enhancing coffee and before getting started on a new freelance writing project, I went to check on Mark in bed only to be greeted by our faithful four-legged companion keeping Mark’s pillow warm while he soaked in tepid bath water and tried to lower his soaring temperature.

Shortly after sitting down to write the entire house filled with the disgruntled swearing of an overheated man with only half a voice.

Samson, never wanting to be left out of whatever the humans are doing, had left on Mark's pillow the most giant pile of previously eaten chicken by-product breakfast that I have ever seen. And while we scrambled to clean up the mess, Samson just layed there and gazed at us with his penetrating chocolate brown eyes, as if to say, “Oh hai. I has a sick too. Please to give cuddles now?”

Samson on bed

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Oh that picture! I'll cuddle him!

I scrolled down to that picture before reading the post, and thought "oooh what a beautiful dog!"...then I read the post. Um, ew. But you reminded me to write my "How My Roommates Cat Reacted To Hearing/Seeing My Cat Puking" story. Lets just say that at least your story doesn't involve cat pee, too.
Posted by Blogger Georgia :  July 23, 2008

She likes purple: Hi! Want a dog? Free to good home and people willing to pick up cow-sized poop.

Georgia: Ew is right! We had to throw that pillow away. There's was no way any of would ever sleep on it again.
Posted by Blogger karla :  July 23, 2008

Well, Karla....just think, it could have been worse. It could have been the other end on the pillow. Yep, the doggie surprise happened to me.... :) You lucked out!!

Samson is soooo sweet ~ even if he did chuck up all over the pillow (yuck!!). I hope that Mark is feeling a bit better now ~ sounds like it was quite nasty!!!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  July 23, 2008

Hope Mark is feeling better. And Samson too. How could you be angry at him with a face like that??? Too cute!
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  July 23, 2008

You are an awesome writer. I just had to say that up front :) Your post was great. Mark being sick. Not so great. I am so sorry. That sucks for him and for you. I hope he gets better soon.

And poor Sampson!! That picture is adorable. I hope everyone is better soon.

I'm sorry your husband is sick! Unlike Mark, when my husband gets the slightest sniffle, he's the most miserable creature on the planet, lol.

Hope he gets better soon.

Btw, I lurk a lot on your site because I really enjoy your writing. Keep it up!
Posted by Blogger Cee :  July 23, 2008

Oh poor puppy...he really looks sick in that picture (or really good at faking it!).
Posted by Blogger joyce :  July 25, 2008

when my husband is sick he suddenly is a bigger baby then brandon and codi together


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