Keyboard Whiz
by Karla ° Sunday, January 11, 2009

At least I didn't come back to find him typing “free porn.”


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They start young ~ (help me i have 4 boys!)
Amanda x
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  January 11, 2009

Give it a few years ~ ha ha !!
Love and hugs Tabitha XXX
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  January 11, 2009

That's b/c all he had time to type was that gobbledy gook when he heard you coming and had to quickly erase "free porn".
Posted by Blogger Christi :  January 11, 2009

That is too funny! My "baby" will be 3 at the end of next month and loves to listen to songs on i-tunes on my computer. If I leave my laptop unattended near him, I will find him pressing buttons like crazy trying to make a song play. It is pretty funny. Sometimes I'm amazed at the things that he has managed to pop open all over the screen....LOL!
Posted by Blogger Candi :  January 12, 2009

When Abby was 3.5 we thought it was "cute" when she asked her Daddy for his credit card, and then skipped back into the office. A few minutes later we poked our heads in and saw that she was typing in the number to buy a Disney timeshare! She got everything almost perfect. Scary!
Posted by Anonymous Nicki in NC :  January 12, 2009

"Free Porn".. LOL!! Thanks for the laugh, Karla.
Posted by Anonymous Beth :  January 14, 2009

LOL! In a few years it will say "free boob pictures".
Posted by Blogger Kate :  January 14, 2009

You are a very smart person!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 26, 2009


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