by Karla ° Friday, February 6, 2009
Our family has been plagued with illness. But not all at the same time. No, that would just be too easy for everyone to be sick all at once and done with it, right?

THE ILLNESS started a few days ago when Nate, feeling unsettled, spent the night snuggled up under my chin. I don’t mind co-sleeping. In fact, I quite like being able to place my hand on his tiny chest and feel the gentle rise fall of his peaceful slumber by my side. But what I do mind is when he wakes up at 4:00 AM. And because I am conveniently, like, RIGHT THERE, he thinks it is also a convenient time to demand milk. And friends, once Nate decides he wants milk, the Universe could blast off into a black hole of of anti-gravity and perpetual darkness and he would still be all, "milk?”

Bleary-eyed from only five hours of sleep, I wrapped Nate in his blankie, scooped him up in my arms and headed downstairs so that Mark could sleep. We snuggled up on the sofa together, eyes glued to the glow of cartoons when I decided that while Mark slept, Nate and I would would go and watch the sun rise together over a winter-calmed lake of frozen ice and snow.

Rising to put on pot of coffee, I was very suddenly hit with a horrible wave of nausea and an immediate need to begin a love affair with a porcelain throne. And just as quickly, the rising fever and full-body chills set in. I don’t even remember the last time I’ve had a fever like that let alone threw up so much that stomach bile came thisclose to burning a new hole in my nose. I know! For the visual? You’re welcome.

A nice side effect of being sick is all the sleep. I mean, despite feeling like a bag of shit, sleeping for 12 straight hours was pretty much bliss wrapped in a blanket. At least until Nate got sick. And the cats started throwing up. And Mark.

And I don’t know what it is with 4:00 AM around here, but that is the time on Thursday morning that I woke to the sound of Samson hurling a massive pile of chicken by-product and mush on the floor beside me.

I didn't realize illness could cross species. Is that really possible?

I have no idea why our entire house is so ill but while our family rehydrates and recovers, I would like to direct you to my very good friend’s new blog. Beth guest posted here for me last month while I was away and has since become addicted to blogging and finishing telling the story that she started.


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Our dog Petey use to puke whenever Evan would spit-up as an infant and would even get the hiccups whenever Evan did. It was very strange... puking I can understand bc there really is nothing worse than the smell of formula spit-up but hiccups?? How do you "catch" those?
Posted by Blogger Beth :  February 06, 2009

Just pointing out the obvious here, but do you have a carbon monoxide detector? Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms are often described as "flu like" and that would effect the cats as well as humans. Just a thought and if you've already covered it, sorry! Feel better soon!

Our house is like that with poop.

Motherhood. Fun times!

Hope you're all feeling better soon.
Posted by Blogger Carly :  February 06, 2009

Oh goodness ~ I can't believe that even the pets have been sick ~ that sounds like some nasty bug you have all had over there!!
Hope you are all better now!
I am just off to say hi to B ~ so glad that she decided to blog ~
Take care ~ love and hugs Tabitha XXX
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  February 06, 2009

Hope you are all better soon!
I'll pop over and say hi to beth.
Amanda x
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  February 07, 2009

We, too, have taken turns being sick. Just be happy it's just three of you and not five!
Posted by Anonymous Christi :  February 07, 2009

Karla, I hope you are all better soon!

My husband was laid off from his job on Oct. 17th and had been home pretty much all day every day since then. His grandma got sick and he took a trip to CA, leaving me and our 2 boys behind. He left on a Monday (will be 2 weeks this Monday) and my youngest (3 at the end of the month) got sick Tuesday night. I went up to get in bed and I smelled a nasty smell. I thought he pooped and then realized it was throw up. I went in to find he had coated his bed in nasty puke!! He must have slept through it all. It appeared he would throw up, move to a new spot and then throw up again. He was coated in the nastiness too and I had to wake him to bathe him. He didn't throw up again, but wasn't 100% until Thursday and my husband came home on Friday. My point in the talk about my husband is that my little one thought that when daddy left was the perfect timing to get sick and keep mommy up after his bath to rid himself of the nastiness. I hoped that his brother and I would avoid it.

I thought the coast was clear until this past Monday, my oldest got up in the wee morning hours and was sick. He threw up several times and seemed fine by about 8:30 in the morning. Around 10 the same morning, it hit my husband and he had it the worst with it lasting all day Monday and into Tuesday. So, this Monday will be a week since my husband and oldest got sick and so far I haven't gotten sick. Of course, I've made sure not to uncross my fingers....LOL!

Oh....and since I mentioned the lay off, just thought I would add in that my husband got a new job and started this past Friday after almost 4 months of no work!
Posted by Blogger Candi :  February 08, 2009


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