Blast from the Past: I don't even know where
by Karla ° Sunday, May 31, 2009
Since we're on the topic of the good old college days, these photos were taken, um, I don’t even know where we stayed. Look at me. Does it look like I am capable of remembering details like where I slept for a week?

One of these guys was my best friend who started dating someone who didn’t like me so that was the end of that friendship and the other guy went on to become a totally ripped body builder. At least that's what his Facebook profile says.

These photos are the epitome of my adventure in Mineral Engineering and Geophysics; mud-coated Dr. Martens, Professors jamming on their guitar and red eyes from, clearly, all the studying we did.

Somehow, of this wickedly awesome bunch, I graduated on the Honour Roll top of the class. Shocking, I know.


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Blast from the Past: Neon Orange Jumpsuit Style
by Karla ° Thursday, May 28, 2009
God, what year is it? I’m not sure I even know anymore because selling and buying a house and all the cleaning and boxes and people involved to complete these transactions has caused my brain to involuntarily push its reset button to FAIL because I’m still signing legal documents with my maiden name and dating them 2008.

While I slowly spiral into insanity, postings may be light, but then again, I’ve been known to drift between islands of insomnia and then glide into days filled with 15 hours of sleep and it’s quite possible I’ll land on an in between island of creativity and start cranking out brilliant posts about the state of society and how wallpaper is totally a fire hazard.

But for now, all I’ve got are several blast from the past posts that may or may not include pictures of me with freakishly long nails, a veil on my head and a white lace thong.

Which is pretty different from these blast from the past pictures where I traveled to the center of the earth and prepared for such a journey by dressing in a neon orange jumpsuit with reflective tape across my boobs.

These photos were taken in 2000 from Vale Inco's North Mine in Sudbury, Ontario as part of a third year Mineral Engineering Technology field trip.

We went into a few different mines on this field trip, but this one was a Nickel/Copper/Cobalt mine and by the time we left, I had a substantial portion Inco's 10 billion dollar a year profit from ore-filled rocks and precious metals in my pockets.


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Cooking with wine
by Karla ° Tuesday, May 26, 2009

From the kitchen of the house we just bought.


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With mixed emotions
by Karla ° Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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Double Fail
by Karla ° Monday, May 18, 2009
1 – Worst House Ever.
2 – Worst Hospital Signage Ever.

(Photo via Mark from Toronto General Hospital.)


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by Karla ° Friday, May 15, 2009
We’re home and first and foremost, thank you dearly for all your kindness. I swear your words and well wishes were sanity savers during our stay at the hospital. What the hell did humanity do before smart phones?

Nate, I think, lost five pounds from his already tiny 23 lb frame not eating the hospital food they fed him and I can’t blame him because seriously, roast beef and mushy beans? Go ahead and find a two year old that will eat that. Or boiled chicken. Or fish. COME ON.

Oh, also, they didn’t even feed the parent chained in isolation to the child so I haven’t eaten in days and days and I've lost a shit load of weight and for the love of Pete, is a cup of coffee really not in the health care budget Canada? Really? Cause I've had a pretty shitty caffeine withdrawal headache for days now.

Sigh, I digress. I’m just 150,000% relieved to not be confined in a bed with a toddler attached to IV wires who does not understand the concept of REST. As in like, stop trying to nosedive off the bed and rip out your IV, dude.

Photo via HTC Touch Pro Phone


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by Karla ° Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Karla has asked me to step in while she's nestled beside Nate in the hospital. Nate is a little over a year older than Jr and seeing him well gives me a glimpse of what's to come.

It's amazing how fast small children can be. Was I that fast? Well into my second trimester I am still mobile, but I am far from fast. Jr on the other hand is like lightening.

He isn't walking yet, but very close. He takes running steps between pieces of furniture, and gets going on all fours so fast he looks like a crocodile chasing down a antelope.

I play the "remember when" game often. A pile of goo goo gaa gaa, unable to do more than kick his feet and swat at things. That was a simpler time. Now it's saving him from nose diving off the deck, keeping him out of our various ponds, and most recently from crawling down the driveway towards the road.

From what I hear when babies start to walk, they only walk a few steps, then the rest is running. I don't know how I will fare assuming Jr starts running in the next five months.

After a long stretch of Hubby being home at night, he is back on the road. I guess my best bet will be installing a baby run from the house to the garden, strap a harness and leash on him and hope for the best.


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Pnemonia Part II
by Karla ° Monday, May 11, 2009
Dear Friends,

Please excuse my absence over the next couple of days. I am home for a brief moment to pack comfort items for Nathan for an unknown stay in hospital isolation. Seven months after a bout of pneumonia, he has it once again and is battling an uncontrollable fever continually spiking upwards of 105 F coupled with difficulty breathing and never before seen levels of lethargy, unwellness and disinterest in even his life-long love affair with milk.

I have asked my beloved friend Beth to stop in here for the next little while. In exchange she will bring me some delicious home grown herbs, and if I'm lucky, garden grown oregano and cucumbers because friends, Beth has one hell of a green thumb.

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by Karla ° Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Nate keeps telling me that when he grows up he wants to be an astronaut. He even came home from daycare one day with a picture he coloured of an astronaut and Mark was so proud of it that I think he almost cried. And then he kept forgetting to bring it to put on his desk at work for like, two weeks.

This may or may not surprise you, but Mark is a huge space fanatic, which also means he's a huge Star Trek fan and I’m constantly teasing him about how much of a nerd he is, you know, between being a computer superstar ninja and saying things to me when I ask him where he put a case of beer like, “On the Mother Ship. Resistance to beer is futile."

Oh, and then there was the time when I was swooning over a Jason Statham movie and Mark interrupted the pitter patter of my beating heart to discuss something about the speed of light. Like, hello? Can you not see that the Universe should cease to exist when Jason Stathom is kicking some serious shirtless ass?

I remember when Nate was four months old Mark would woosh him through the air pretending to explore places like Planet Dog Cheese and Planet Dad Cheese before landing on my tired ass and saying, “Look who just landed on Uranus Mom!

And since Mark recently got every episode of every Star Trek series and movie ever made, that’s about all this family watches anymore because Nate just can’t get enough “Spaceship” or his fill of “Nebabas (Nebulas.)”

Clearly my kid has a penchant for something pretty darn cool if you ask me, and although I’ll probably miss him when he travels to Mars, who am I to limit his imagination, right? So, I bought him two 12” x 12” pieces of art for his bedroom, one of an airplane and the other a rocket ship, a giant 42” diameter remote controlled light-up sun and Solar System mobile with motorized planets that hangs from the ceiling as well as an enormous 48” x 36” Solar System art canvas. He already knows where planet Earth and our moon are, and that we live in North America. And just the other day he identified Mars.

I totally admit all the spaceship stuff looks pretty lame pair with the lamb themed baby decor, but you know, I can’t let him grow up THAT fast.

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