Blast from the Past: Neon Orange Jumpsuit Style
by Karla ° Thursday, May 28, 2009
God, what year is it? I’m not sure I even know anymore because selling and buying a house and all the cleaning and boxes and people involved to complete these transactions has caused my brain to involuntarily push its reset button to FAIL because I’m still signing legal documents with my maiden name and dating them 2008.

While I slowly spiral into insanity, postings may be light, but then again, I’ve been known to drift between islands of insomnia and then glide into days filled with 15 hours of sleep and it’s quite possible I’ll land on an in between island of creativity and start cranking out brilliant posts about the state of society and how wallpaper is totally a fire hazard.

But for now, all I’ve got are several blast from the past posts that may or may not include pictures of me with freakishly long nails, a veil on my head and a white lace thong.

Which is pretty different from these blast from the past pictures where I traveled to the center of the earth and prepared for such a journey by dressing in a neon orange jumpsuit with reflective tape across my boobs.

These photos were taken in 2000 from Vale Inco's North Mine in Sudbury, Ontario as part of a third year Mineral Engineering Technology field trip.

We went into a few different mines on this field trip, but this one was a Nickel/Copper/Cobalt mine and by the time we left, I had a substantial portion Inco's 10 billion dollar a year profit from ore-filled rocks and precious metals in my pockets.


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Totally loving these blasts from the past!
very nice jump suit and reflective tape!!!
Love and hugs Tab XXXX
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  May 28, 2009

It must be a weight lifted off your shoulders having your house sold and a new one bought.
Oh, and you look great in your orange jumpsuit!
Amanda x
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  May 28, 2009

My brother peter serviced the great big elivator that you rode to the bottom of your tour,,Thank him for not falling as far as you went down as this young nieve student,,Great Stuff,,,,Barc`
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 28, 2009

You looked cute!


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