by Karla ° Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Nate keeps telling me that when he grows up he wants to be an astronaut. He even came home from daycare one day with a picture he coloured of an astronaut and Mark was so proud of it that I think he almost cried. And then he kept forgetting to bring it to put on his desk at work for like, two weeks.

This may or may not surprise you, but Mark is a huge space fanatic, which also means he's a huge Star Trek fan and I’m constantly teasing him about how much of a nerd he is, you know, between being a computer superstar ninja and saying things to me when I ask him where he put a case of beer like, “On the Mother Ship. Resistance to beer is futile."

Oh, and then there was the time when I was swooning over a Jason Statham movie and Mark interrupted the pitter patter of my beating heart to discuss something about the speed of light. Like, hello? Can you not see that the Universe should cease to exist when Jason Stathom is kicking some serious shirtless ass?

I remember when Nate was four months old Mark would woosh him through the air pretending to explore places like Planet Dog Cheese and Planet Dad Cheese before landing on my tired ass and saying, “Look who just landed on Uranus Mom!

And since Mark recently got every episode of every Star Trek series and movie ever made, that’s about all this family watches anymore because Nate just can’t get enough “Spaceship” or his fill of “Nebabas (Nebulas.)”

Clearly my kid has a penchant for something pretty darn cool if you ask me, and although I’ll probably miss him when he travels to Mars, who am I to limit his imagination, right? So, I bought him two 12” x 12” pieces of art for his bedroom, one of an airplane and the other a rocket ship, a giant 42” diameter remote controlled light-up sun and Solar System mobile with motorized planets that hangs from the ceiling as well as an enormous 48” x 36” Solar System art canvas. He already knows where planet Earth and our moon are, and that we live in North America. And just the other day he identified Mars.

I totally admit all the spaceship stuff looks pretty lame pair with the lamb themed baby decor, but you know, I can’t let him grow up THAT fast.

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Love the painting. Where did you buy it from?
Did you ever hang the painting of the world that was totally not to scale or even almost correct?
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 05, 2009

Ahh, THAT one. The Internet won. I returned it.
Posted by Blogger karla :  May 05, 2009

I love it! I have a daughter who also loves "rocket ships." We were fortunate to be in FL for a space shuttle launch and saw it from the beach-- about 200 miles away. Kind of abstract for her, but she does ask if she can wave to them "up on the moon." I'll take that space picture over lambs any day! :)
Posted by Blogger Stephanie :  May 05, 2009

It's great that Nate has an interest so early on. And you never know ~ he might just make it into space!
His space mobile does sound pretty cool ~ i bet he loves it at bedtime (i know i would!!)

I was looking at your tweet ~ have you sold your house?? Great news if you have!

Amanda x
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  May 05, 2009

I love the painting, so colourful
It's so interesting to see how kids develop the same likes as their parents. My son Jaxson, who is almost 2 1/2, is obsessed with golf (just like his Dad). Actually, we should come up with a new word for how he feels about it. He loves golf digest(I love the looks we get in the dr's office when he goes for that instead of the kids books), has to play every day, has a complete meltdown leaving a golf store, takes a golf ball to bed every night, its crazy. He loves watching it on TV with Daddy and when I pick him up from daycare he always asks if we can go to the golf store to hit balls.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 05, 2009

Karla you are going to have to give us your secret of where you purchased this because wow i have looked everywhere for a nice solar picture and can find nothing. Do tell where you purchased this?
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 05, 2009

Ha ha. No secret Wendy. I bought it at HomeSense. I absolutely adore that store. They always carry something different though, which is probably why I'm there once a week to see what's new!
Posted by Blogger karla :  May 05, 2009

Beem me up Nate and live long and prosper,,,V,,,Admiral Barc`
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  May 05, 2009

I assume Mark is going the Star Trek movie this weekend? I can't wait!

Also, for Christmas this year I gave my brother a t-shirt that said "There's a Ring of Debris around Uranus." The post title made me think of that. :)

I love the art!
Posted by OpenID bluebluesoup :  May 05, 2009

Sci-fi has been a love of mine ever since I was 6 or 7. It's sad becouse I think I know every line from every Star Trek episode ever made :). In fact 20 min before I even opened this post to read I had an episode going. I remember as a kid I wanted to be Wesley Crusher so bad....I meen common that kid got to do the coolest shit. I didnt like the original that much but some were ok. My other fav in sci-fi has to be Battlestar Galactica....that was a killer show. Anywho this is turning into some crazy nerdity....im out....Peace.....and long life
Posted by Anonymous Charlie :  May 08, 2009


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